How thin are the Chinese

6 reasons Asians are so thin

Statistics show that Asians are the thinnest in the world, and for that, they can't just thank their good genes. Your traditions and customs play a major role in this. Now is the time to find out how Asians keep themselves in tip-top shape without strict diets and strenuous workouts!

Attitude to food

In addition to the quantity and quality of food, your attitude towards food also affects your body. Eating is not only a natural necessity in the West, but also a pleasure. But Asians don't like to eat like that. You love food as much as anyone else, but only treat it as a means of livelihood.

Portion size

Asians like smaller portions. Studies have shown that even very small reductions in food rations lead to weight loss. An experiment was conducted with volunteers in which participants reduced their lunch dose, but could also eat whatever they wanted throughout the day. All of them lost 500g in the next 2 weeks. This experiment also refuted to compensate for the calorie reduction from later overeating.

Fermented food

Miso, kimchi, nato - some typical Asian fermented foods. These foods are natural probiotics because they are acidified with lactic acid. They promote weight loss, especially from visceral fats that build up in the abdomen.


You can't imagine Asian cuisine without seafood, which is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are beneficial for the immune system, the vascular system, and the reproductive system. Researchers in a three-week study showed that those who took omega-3 capsules lost 1.5 kg more than those who took placebo while eating the same diet.

Healthy desserts and snacks

Sweets and desserts made from rice, seaweed, red beans, nuts, seeds and fruits are very popular in Asia. They're obviously a lot healthier than the chips or cookies we eat.

Movement and meditation

Traditional Asian medicine places great emphasis on prevention and eradication of the disease, while Western medicine treats the consequences of the disease. This is why meditation, tai chi, and many other activities that help prevent various diseases are so common in Asia. also overweight.

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