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Visual Physics - AP Physics 1, 2 & C | ACT Physics

The perfect course of physics for

AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based

AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based

AP Physics C: Mechanics

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

ACT Physics

High School Physics: 11th and 12th Grade

AP and ACT Physics require an in-depth understanding of concepts along with their applications. This is just what Visual Physics is designed to achieve.

Physics is Easy with Visual Physics.

It is a revolutionary video lecture course to grasp the concepts easily with in-depth understanding, and to be able to solve questions faster, even the tough ones. Just watch videos, make notes, try problems, understand solutions, practice some more and you are done for your exam.

Visual Physics can teach you concepts in less than 30% of your time. Then you can directly go to first understanding video solutions of different types of problems and then to solving other others yourself. Once you complete a chapter with Visual Physics, there is no question you can't solve.


1. Powerful and real visualization for crystal-clear understanding.
2. In-depth discussion on each topic.
3. Points of confusion explained proactively.
4. Structured learning to take you from basic to advanced level.
5. Selected problems with step-by-step solution and visual tricks to solve problems faster.
6. Online doubt support, ask questions from any book / question bank.

Does visualization help?

Yes, it does. Physics is a subject of visualization; those you can visualize better, understand better.

When you read the concepts from books or learn from the blackboard in class, your mind tries to create a picture of what's happening. Sometimes you get the picture, sometimes you don't.

And it is absolutely necessary to get the picture if you really want to understand the concept first hand.

Visual Physics gives you a clear-cut picture of each and every concept, plain & simple.

Happy Learning :)

* This is a paid course. You get 7 days of free trial to assess the course first.