How can I create a blogger topic

Blogging Successfully - Part 2: Finding the Right Topic

If you have taken the time to come up with ideas and research, you usually stand in front of one List of potential topics. It is important to find out which of these topics can be used to fill a successful blog. The following considerations should be made for this:

Do I want to deal with this topic in the long term?

As mentioned above: Passion and interest in a topic are important. Also endurance matters because a blog is a long-term project and the topic you choose may keep you occupied for several years.

Can I also deal with it in the long term?

Regardless of whether the topic is written long-term want, you have to text the topic in the long term can. So you have to ask yourself whether the topic will still be relevant in the future and whether there will be regular input for fresh content.

Does the blog topic have potential for more than just 20 articles?

A niche Finding is of course worth striving for, but it should not be so narrow that after 20 articles there is no longer any material left for relevant content. It is important to have a good one middle way to find. If you z. For example, blogging on the subject of travel shouldn't have global claims - but the specialization on a mini-island in Greece most likely does not offer enough topics to be able to write interesting articles about it over and over again for years.

Is there any money to be made from blogging?

If you want to run the blog commercially and earn money with it in the long term, all of the factors mentioned above play a role. It is also worth taking a look at the numbers: to theSearch volume, toCompetitive situationandto theAdvertising potential. For search queries and competition, you use Google Analytics or, even more simply, Google search. In order to determine the advertising potential, you research potential sources of income: You can check the click prices via Google AdSense or search for partner programs for the respective topic on affiliate networks.