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Team spirit: These 12 basic tips strengthen team players

If a team has team spirit, companies are more likely to achieve their goals. Most employers rely on teamwork, because many companies today work across departments and functions. Therefore, not only individual performers are in demand, but employees who can also play to their strengths in a team. How team spirit turns employees into real team players and how you can strengthen them ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Meaning: What is team spirit?

Social psychology uses the term group cohesion for a sense of community in groups. If there is a strong inner cohesion, team spirit develops from it. And this team spirit is what colleagues and companies want, but which unfortunately occurs far too seldom: The feeling of togetherness, the feeling of togetherness, which ideally lets the individual take a back seat to common team goals. Like in football, for example: a player recognizes that another teammate has a better chance of scoring and passes the ball to his colleague instead of aiming at the goal himself.

The Anglicism Teamspirit is often synonymous with team spirit. This always means a form of camaraderie and group mentality in which there is togetherness and helpfulness and no egomaniacs play themselves in the foreground.

Team spirit is the result of many skills

An important criterion in the area of ​​social skills is the ability to work in a team. Only then can a team and the associated team spirit arise. Often it looks like it is a Property. It is more about a collective term for a whole range of properties. These basically make it possible to get along well with other people and, above all, colleagues. Someone who can work in a team ...

  • works constructively with others.
  • sees an enrichment in the diversity of characters, opinions and talents.
  • treats different opinions in a respectful and tolerant manner.
  • is involved in the group and proactively helps where necessary.
  • has a talent for motivation.
  • expresses his own ideas confidently without making others small.
  • tries to find compromises that are as pragmatic as they are enforceable.
  • can accept criticism without taking it too personally.
  • Be considerate of weaker group members.
  • can and wants to settle disputes in the group.
  • brings a high tolerance for frustration.
  • pays attention to others in the team, helps them or brings them back on board.
  • reliably does its job.

What requirements does a team need?

A group does not make a team, it is just a collection of individuals. Every team has to find each other first, every member has to take on a role and get used to each other as a whole. Only then can it act efficiently. In order for such a team to be created, certain requirements are required:

  • Clear targets
    So that everyone pulls together, a direction, a specific goal is required. What should be achieved together? - that has to be clear to everyone in the team. It is even best if the team members are passionate about this goal themselves.
  • Ideal size
    The team has to be big enough to be able to tackle the task together. However, it must not be too big, then it is more difficult to manage.
  • Different personalities
    In homogeneous teams there are fewer points of friction, but no new ideas arise either. Very different characters have to come together, lateral thinkers, mediators, creatives, pragmatists ...
  • Accepted leaders
    You need a team leader who takes responsibility, keeps the big picture in mind and leads the team. This only works if the entire team accepts this person.
  • Working communication
    A capable team must be in constant contact with one another and exchange information. One hand has to know what the other is doing.

5 tips on how to strengthen team spirit

It promotes intrinsic motivation when a group of work colleagues sees itself as a team made up of complementary individuals. Intrinsic motivation is the necessary component of team spirit that keeps everything going. It ensures that the team puts its capabilities into the service of the company. It shows itself in loyalty and enthusiasm and has an empowering effect on others. We give five tips that managers can use to strengthen team spirit:

1. Corporate culture

A decisive factor for team spirit is the corporate culture itself. In order for a team to become a tight-knit community with high ideals, the superiors and management must realize that they are role models. The best example of this is dealing with errors. How does a company communicate its own mistakes, what concessions are made to customers?

2. Fairness

If people think similarly, they are sympathetic to each other. However, treating employees fairly does not give preference to anyone. Boss's darling may be really qualified, but if he or she is constantly receiving special rates from others, it creates envy and a bad mood.

3. Incentives

Especially newly assembled teams have to get to know each other. To experience how a person ticks in everyday life, to spend moments together, is beneficial for team spirit. This is especially true for incentives in the form of excursions or smaller trips, for example with virtual teams.

4. Working atmosphere

Some work situations are prone to conflict from the outset. For example, if the employees do not have the opportunity to work undisturbed. Open-plan offices with noisy surroundings are real concentration killers. A positive working atmosphere can already be achieved through design options. For example, that employees have the opportunity to retreat personally, that they can set up their workplaces individually, that office furniture is ergonomic.

5. Communication

Companies should keep their employees informed about the most important processes, for example with regular meetings. This increases transparency and leaves little room for speculation. It is important to note that these should be well planned and implemented accordingly. Otherwise they are a waste of time.

8 guys that the perfect team needs

Many companies have a habit of hiring clones. They harmonize well with everyone else, but they also think that way. Effect: uniformity and mediocrity. Anyone looking for inspiration and innovation needs diversity - in thinking, culture, experience. This also applies to teams. Therefore, the perfect team spirit comes from eight different types. You can find out what these are in our PDF, which you can download for free here:

More team spirit with these 8 guys

This is how you become a team player

Teamwork is not a sure-fire success. Everyone can help improve teamwork. These seven characteristics characterize a team player:

Cooperation can only work if the other team members can rely one hundred percent on each other. Trust and reliability ensure the support in the team. If you have to keep an eye on a team member and control everything they do, that member becomes a burden.

Critical ability
Those who cannot admit mistakes and do not learn from them hinder progress. Constructive criticism of your own work is important for further development. If you accept the feedback from the team members, not only will your own work improve, but the overall result will as well.

Part of the team spirit is sometimes taking yourself back and letting others have their say. Considerate interaction with one another is necessary so that everyone has the courage to contribute their ideas and suggestions.

Strength of opinion
Discussions are necessary and stimulate the team spirit. Having a firm stance can save the team from running in the wrong direction and overlooking objections. Only through different opinions and perspectives can an initial idea be turned into a functioning concept.

A real team player believes in the goal and works tirelessly to achieve it. Those who remain passive and leave the work to the others pull themselves out of the affair. He does not contribute anything to the solution. But this denies the team the opportunity to benefit from its own strengths and talents.

Teamwork can be exhausting and tedious. You have to fight your way through these phases and prove your staying power. If you give up too quickly, you leave the other team members down. Then the whole project threatens to collapse. However, if you have the necessary stamina yourself, that motivates the others.

Willingness to compromise
As a team player, you have to be able to jump beyond your own shadow and show willingness to compromise.

Quotes and sayings about team spirit

  • "What does not help the swarm is also of no use to the individual bee." (Marc Aurel)
  • "There is little success where little is laughed." (Andrew Carnegie)
  • "When connected, the weak are also powerful." (Friedrich Schiller)
  • "It's not about individual pieces, but about how they work together." (Unknown)
  • "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." (Unknown)
  • "Any cooperation is difficult as long as people are indifferent to the happiness of their fellow human beings." (Dalai Lama)
  • "None of us is as smart as all of us." (Unknown)
  • “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success. "(Henry Ford)

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