Have you ever had Indian food

First class Indian cuisine ... - Royal Bombay Palace - Indian restaurant

We hadn't known this restaurant for a long time in Linz. This "insider tip" is located on a busy street corner in a less attractive quarter, which is known and loved far beyond the borders of Linz! From the first moment you feel personally looked after and warmly welcomed. Some waiters and the boss personally try to make you feel comfortable in this stylish ambience. The extensive menu is explained and helpful recommendations are given. The food, which is carefully served on a small rechaud, tastes really excellent. The service goes so quickly and without long waiting times that we would have preferred to have had more time between courses to digest and enjoy the delicacies. Next time we would have to remind ourselves to eat more slowly!

Perhaps it would be fair and more transparent if it were said when recommending rice and naan (Indian bread) that there is a special and a normal version of both and the special one also has a special price! Without this notice, we automatically received the special version, enjoyed it and were a little surprised when we received the invoice. Another time we would like to decide for ourselves whether we treat ourselves to the more expensive special version or whether we are satisfied with the normal version and can enjoy the evening.

A plus of the attention was the chef's perception that reading the menu with glasses would be easier. A (new?) Visual aid from a certain brand of glasses brand was on the table in a flash! It remained unclear whether it was borrowed, should be bought or a promotional gift from the company. So she stayed at the table at the end of the meal.

Suitable for festive occasions, maybe a little too luxurious for going out in between.