Where can I buy cheap theater tickets

Remaining musical tickets at the box office: What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Buy cheap musical tickets at the box office

If you want to save a few euros on musical tickets, you sometimes have hopes of getting cheap remaining tickets at the box office. The theaters are still selling tickets that have not already been reserved by musical fans in advance at their box offices. Tickets that have been reserved but not picked up will also go on sale. The box office usually opens one hour before the start of the performance, but the exact times can differ from house to house.

Some venues even have their own sales point for remaining tickets, for example in Vienna. In Hamburg there is a similar sales point of the Stage Entertainment headquarters in the Speicherstadt, near the miniature wonderland, address: Kehrwieder 6, 20457 Hamburg. There are inexpensive tickets for the Hamburg musicals, but it is also worth getting there early to get good seats.

Buying remaining tickets for a musical at the box office has a number of advantages:

  • Box office tickets are often cheaper. You can save up to 20 euros per ticket. Musical fans do not have to pay any advance booking fees (15%), system fees (2 euros) or any shipping costs. Last minute tickets can be such a real bargain.
  • On a city trip, you can spontaneously decide to go to a musical in the evening.

Disadvantages of buying musical tickets at the box office

However, trying to get hold of musical tickets at the box office is also associated with risks:

  • It is not clear in advance whether there are any remaining tickets. In the worst case scenario, musical fans have to go home without having achieved anything. Popular long-run productions in particular are often fully booked.
  • Remaining tickets are not always cheaper. The prices depend on the seat category in which tickets are still available. And good seats also have their price at the box office, especially in the big musical theaters.
  • If there are still tickets at the box office, you usually have little choice. The best seats are usually reserved in advance, so depending on the theater, you may have to cut back on visibility and acoustics.
  • Often there are only a few remaining tickets at the box office. It cannot be said in advance whether there will be seats next to each other.

If you don't mind, you can buy inexpensive musical tickets at the box office with remaining tickets. However, if you want to make sure that you actually get a musical ticket for the desired date, reserve your tickets in advance. Musical tickets are particularly easy to order online. Musical fans can choose their preferred seats here - depending on the number of tickets that have been released. You can also save when purchasing tickets in advance. For example, by choosing an appointment on a weekday, going to a musical on a day outside the holiday season or looking for discounts. We give more tips on saving when buying musical tickets in this guide: What do musical tickets cost?

Order musical tickets online
Order musical tickets online

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