Is it weird to worship death?

What Comes After Death For Satanists?

only knowledge helps

--- after the death of your physical body you first see your whole life with all good and all bad deeds (now your soul knows everything about you and all your mistakes).

--- death is very important, otherwise you would stay on earth in your old "meander". after death you come to a sphere where you have to give up (hell) all habits and desires that you can only satisfy with earthly means (cigarettes, sweets, drugs, etc.).

--- here you also have to put everything in order, what other people had to suffer through your earthly deeds. from the knowledge of these results for you, you shape your future fate. if you are cleansed from everything earthly, you come to your spiritual home (heaven), where you process all forces that you got to know on earth.

--- now you have become more than you used to be.

--- if there is something new for you to learn on earth, you will be born again to get to know the new.

You can also say:

-Life leaves the physical body, which is why it begins to disintegrate


-The soul leaves the physical body and purifies itself from everything earthly in hell.


-The spirit (the actual human being) leaves its body and waits until the soul has purified itself. then he goes with her into his home, from where he came long before the conception (into the spiritual world), heaven.


in this homeland everything that you have acquired in life as an investment is melted down into skills.


in a new life, you can then use these skills to learn new things on earth

i have repeated myself with this text many times, but the questions change constantly. and they too have a right to good information.