Is Donald Trump really a nationalist?

Nationalism in the USA: America should be white again


Read on one side

The USA knows how to stage its history in a pathetic and pompous manner. Many non-Americans are also deeply impressed when they stroll past the founding documents of the United States, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence of 1776 in reverent silence in the National Archives on the Mall in Washington, D.C. At the top there are two huge murals with the Founding Fatherswhich Barry Faulkner created in 1936 to celebrate these events (and whose staff does not entirely correspond to historical truth). President Donald Trump chose this place and the stylized image of the Constitutional Convention as the backdrop for his speech on September 17, in which he announced a fundamental revision of history education in the USA.

From the teleprompter he read out a declaration of war: "Patriotic mothers and fathers demand that their children are no longer fed with hateful lies about this country. American parents will not accept indoctrination in our schools, no 'cancel culture' or the suppression of our beliefs. , Culture and values ‚Äč‚Äčtradition in schools and the public. "

He denounced journalistic as examples of alleged brainwashing 1619 Project the New York Times, which focused on the beginning of slavery and its constitutive significance for the USA, and the rather marginal one People's History of the United States of the socialist Howard Zinn. Neither have found their way into the teaching curricula, but it doesn't matter: the president blamed critical history reading ex cathedra for the current street fighting.

You're turning the tables

The culture war that Trump has been waging against supposedly un-American forces since his inauguration, and in the course of which he is increasingly taking sides for white suprematism and racism, is escalating. Once again he proves how much he despises scientific expertise; he gives as little to professional historians as he does to virologists and climate researchers. And he replaces serious researchers committed to the truth with compliant extras who support his re-election. They form the core of the 1776 Commission, which is now supposed to present a large-scale research program to rewrite US history, is being financed from the TikTok billions that the sale of the Chinese group is supposed to bring. He wants to commission the National Endowment for the Humanities, of all things, that well-deserved research funding institution that, like other liberal educational and art institutions, he has been kujon and threatened to starve to death for years.

The panel of historians broadcast on the video channel of the White House started with a retired neurosurgeon, the black man Ben Carson, who was a rival of Trump in 2016 and is now his Minister for Housing and Urban Development - departments that are known to be close to the science of history. Carson, who specialized in the separation of Siamese twins and also denies climate change, wants to abolish Medicare and brings homosexuality close to pedophilia, contributed to the findings that gun control had favored the Holocaust and that the Egyptian pyramids were granaries built by the Jews.

The panel of ideologically forward-thinking historians comes from conservative universities and think tanks such as Hillsdale College, the Alexander Hamilton Institute and the National Association of Scholars; a civil war historian from Princeton University was invited to gain reputation. They cleverly turned the tables: We are not acting here as Trump's anti-enlightenment ministry of truth, it is the left, Marxists and atheists who give our children the wrong ideas, and in doing so we refer to the freedom ideas of the Enlightenment.