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10 things that are worth more than money

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Does money make you happy? “Yes” says the mind, “No” says the heart!

A look at the statistics reveals contradicting statements:

In a 1999 survey, 47 percent of the 1,200 respondents said that money makes you happy. In 2000, on the other hand, 61 percent of the 850 respondents believed that happiness and money had nothing to do with each other. In 2008, almost one in three said that “no money worries” meant luck.

The relationship between life satisfaction and income is well known, as shown in the following graph.

You can find more statistics at Statista.

"Money alone does not make you happy."That seems to be more than just an empty phrase. Because according to a study from 2014, Spaniards are more satisfied than Germans, even though the income of the Iberians is lower. Nevertheless, a trend can be seen. It is not for nothing that they say: "But money generally calms you down. "

"It's all about the money, money" ...

Survey results or not - there are few topics that concern us more than money.

We devote a large part of our lives to earning it. We save it, invest it, give it away and feel more secure the more of it is in the account.

We use it to buy things that make us more or less happy.It is not that easy to invest in luck. If we fail to meet our basic needs, there are few things that affect our lives noticeable improve.

Most purchases generate permanent to lifelong fixed costs (Car, insurance, house building). Other things prepare us Short-term pleasure, but quickly fizzles out (Clothes, cell phone). We just get used to something new too quickly. It's not just children who sometimes do everything to get a new toy - and an hour later they stop looking at them with their buttocks.

Even at university, the inclined business administration student learns that Salary increases don't motivate employees. They quickly get used to the new wage level - and want more.

If money can't make us completely happy, what is it?

There are so many things that no money in the world can buy. It's these things that make us happy.

1. Health

Patrick and I started Healthy Habits because we consider health a top priority. There is nothing more important, even if you think about it for a while.

After all, this point is mentioned first in surveys. The word got around that winning the lottery does not help with serious illness.

What use is the yacht if the heart and circulation no longer participate? Even “my house, my car, my rocking horse” do not prolong life.

Although it is common knowledge, Very few people adjust their lives accordingly. You want to be happy but want to take the stairs, drink water and eat boring vegetables? Oh, from tomorrow then!

It all starts here. Only those who are not sick and feel well can develop their full potential.

2. Love and friends

There may be staunch singles, but I think we all strive to find our second half. As the saying goes: "Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it."

As you could read in the last, very personal newsletter, Patrick had to realize that something is missing luckily. Despite impressive trips, professional success, financial carelessness and meanwhile stable health.

If social relationships are an integral part of your everyday life, great! If not, you may find it difficult to pull the lever.

We have the stupid quality that we tend to withdraw when we feel bad. In my depressive phase last year, I felt the same way. But we can only find our way out of a low point if we feel loved and supported. Friends are an important contribution to ensuring that we don't slide into depression in the first place. They give us a sense of belonging. They listen when we need to talk about something.

You may know all of this, but you don't have the time? Instead of wasting time in front of the TV or on the internet, you could make caring for your social circle a habit again. For example, Patrick decidedto make contact with at least one person every day - be it via Facebook, Whatsapp, (better :) phone or (much better :) in person. This is the first step (a Facebook Like alone does not count!) In order to meet up more often and Quality time to spend together.

3. Job that makes you happy

More important than the money you make is the work you do.

Many people underestimate the importance of mental wellbeing and the influence the job has on it. Even if you have to support a family, you cannot keep up a long-term job that you start every morning with stomach ache.Psychosomatic complaints and desperate doctors' marathons are not uncommon.

Since we humans are different, different things make us happy or unhappy in a job. Most of my friends and former colleagues lack / erecognition. Other reasons for changing jobs include: B. Defects in the Working atmosphere, career opportunities, work-life balance, the way to work - and: the pay!

Certainly not everyone can change jobs so quickly because they are not satisfied.

It makes you unhappy to be stuck in a job that you can barely stand for years.

I had to quit a job last yearthat I could hardly bear in the end. There were several factors behind this, including my superiors. Every Sunday evening I suffered given the week ahead. In my free time I could hardly switch off. I would regularly complain to friends and family about the things I was seeing at work. Many of the stories were incredible, but they couldn't be changed either.

Even if my body sent me numerous warning signals and outsiders advised me to change jobs, I had to slide into burnout before I understood what to do. I resigned and thus took the first step towards freedom and independence - two things that I no longer want to be without.

4. Freedom and independence

Not everyone is equally freedom-loving. Patrick and I attach great importance to it. In our private as well as in our professional life we ​​strive to be not to let anyone dictate anything.

In my old job it made me crazy sometimes to do things that didn't make sense from my point of view. As a subordinate, I often felt at my mercy.

Today I can decide for myself what I want to do. I am aware of this luxury.

It is clear to me that there cannot be the same degree of freedom in an employment relationship as in self-employment. But at least there are companies that allow their employees a relatively large amount of freedom. That was also the case in my previous agency job.

Even if more Freedom of action and the associated responsibility initially unsettling, I see her as a big one Satisfaction factor. That's why I would always prefer a job like this.

5th sense

Does your life have a purpose? This philosophical question deserves at least a blog post of its own, but it's another priceless factor, e.g. B. in a job. Regardless of whether you are doing your work to help someone or to make another contribution - when you see meaning in your work it makes you happy.

In Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor describes that people are happier with their jobs when you get them reminds you of the important contribution they make to society.

Everyone can make themselves aware of the more or less obvious meaning of their work and thus enhance it. After all, this is also what many do in poorly paid or voluntary work.

For years I have had phases in which I think about the meaning of my work and my studies. I have often thought to myself that I should have studied medicine or become a development worker. Then I felt I could move more. Those doubts were strongest in the former job. Fortunately, we are already getting so much good feedback today that doubts take a back seat.

6. Peace of mind

How much I value my clear conscience since I've been self-employed! I do what I enjoy. I help other people and have nothing to hide!

I am also aware of this luxury. I know that many people feel trapped in a job that makes them act against their conscience.

I am happy and priceless that I do not have to be a representativewho talks about useless stuff to ignorant people, who makes money on their fears or who enriches himself at the expense of others.

7. Free time

Many of my former fellow students now work in large corporations and management consultancies. I have a lot of respect for this work because itThey only earn handsome salaries by making many sacrifices. You work a lot and are always on the move.

It was clear to me early on that I didn't want this life. Nevertheless, it was the same for me in my second job. I had a full public service job and earned well. But they also asked me not to drop the pen on time. That wouldn't have been a problem either, but at some point the workload was so great that I Don't switch off in your free time either could. Then what use is all that money and the fact that it cannot be terminated?

How much free time enough everyone has to sound out for themselves. Self-employed people can organize their free time more flexibly, which is sometimes worth more than the number of hours itself.

I think it's even more important that I like my job and not have to constantly look forward to that little free time in the evening and on the weekend.

8. Balance

Nothing is more relaxing than sleeping through the night without being woken up by the nocturnal carousel of thoughts. But Carelessness and peace of mind cannot be bought. We have to work hard for it.

Sometimes I would like to open a can of serenity to myself.

However, money can help to get inspiration and guidance. For example, I will soon start a yoga beginner course.

9. Skills

Are you good at organizing, talking in front of people, knitting, programming? Cool. That’s priceless. You can buy books, book courses or hire a teacher, but you have to learn, practice and persevere yourself.

In return, you won't lose most of your skills any more than you can ride a bike. youremain for a lifetime and are not just a hobby that makes you happy. You can use them to build self-esteem and help others. They also offer you flexibility in your job or if you have to look for a new job at some point.

10. Recognition

It already sounded in point 3, but recognition is not limited to the job. In our lives we long for praise from those around us. The best way to get more recognition is to get started. You can do this by focusing your attention on the many opportunities in everyday life. Did someone do something well, cook, say or wear something nice?

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. I could go on with laughter, ideas, kids, pets and many other things, but the best thing to do is make your own personal list. One way to do this could be through a healthy habit:

Three good things

When I was thinking about the things that make me happy, ours first came to my mind 3 good things note on Evernote a. Patrick and I write down our highlights there every day. With this habit let us practice gratitude. Even on sh *** days we force ourselves to recognize three positive things.

When I look at the notes from the past few monthsI recognize a pattern. The most common on my list are:

  • Sports
  • relaxed evening with Phil
  • Evening / afternoon with xy
  • Healthy Session (with Patrick)
  • good food and something like
  • accomplished a lot and
  • good feedback for x.

It's the things that did me good. They seldom have anything to do with money.

If you want to be happier in your life, the three good things habit would be a first step for you. You either take a piece of paper or take a virtual note where you record three good things of the day every evening. That doesn't just make you yours Pay attention to the positive. You gradually develop a feeling for what you will write down in the evening. You will align your day accordingly.

Like everyone else, for example, I sometimes can't bring myself to cook something or torment myself while doing sports. But I know exactly what I'll write down in the evening: that training and a delicious, home-cooked meal were among the three good things of the day.

That motivates me. Maybe you too can get yourself doing the things that make you happy more often. I wish it to you!

What is worth more to you than money? Just write a comment! I'm curious.

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