Can ketchup go bad

Everyday question: should you keep ketchup in the refrigerator?

Many people put opened food in the refrigerator to make them last longer. This also applies to opened ketchup bottles. But is it really necessary to keep the red sauce in a cool place, or is it enough to store it on the kitchen shelf at room temperature?

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On the bottle label of many foods there is the note: "Keep refrigerated after opening", this is also the case with ketchup. But actually that's not necessary. Because of its low pH, ketchup is quite acidic. This means that bacteria cannot multiply so easily. Ketchup also consists of the basic ingredients sugar, salt and vinegar. All three are preservatives. For this reason, the red sauce will keep for a while without refrigeration.

Ketchup: Better to cool - or not?

Nevertheless, it makes sense to store them in the refrigerator. Every time the bottle is opened, bacteria and mold spores can get into the air through the air. After about 30 days, chemical reactions occur, which deteriorate the quality of the ketchup. This difference in quality is reflected in a rancid smell and taste. That doesn't mean the ketchup is bad, though; it can still be consumed without hesitation.

There is another reason to keep ketchup in the refrigerator: if it is refrigerated and stored in the dark, it will keep its color longer. On the other hand, the cold can also make the ketchup viscous and also make it lose its taste.

Forget the cooked pasta on the table, didn't put the sausage platter back in the fridge and there was no more space for the butter - how long can you still eat this food? Note: This is a picture gallery from our archive.

Both variants are possible

Both types of storage are basically possible and have both advantages and disadvantages. It therefore depends on how quickly you consume the red sauce. As a guide: If you store ketchup in the refrigerator, it will keep for up to six months. If stored at room temperature, there will be a loss of quality after 30 days.

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