What does blog writing mean

Write a blog: Welcome to the blogosphere!

If it fits the topic, contribute clear enumerations and lists, use Tables and add Photos, videos or infographics a. Such elements make the text appealing and clear; the reader feels less confronted with a wasteland of text. Try one or more in your text Quotes to be built in, as such quotes make the contribution look more lively. And underline this with a photo of the author. You can use various tools to prepare your posts professionally and attractively.

Remember internal links insert to bring new contributions together with existing ones. That way, you'll keep the reader on your page longer. Also link to external siteswho usually return the favor through links to your site. With this you support the offpage optimization of your blog.

Comments: yes or no?

Before you put your blog online, you should decide how you deal with comments. You can make comments allow immediately, you can do it unlock individually or you not allow it at all. The decision about it is not entirely trivial. In general, it seems strange not to allow discussion in the form of comments. On the other hand, it is clear that the comment function can be misused. It starts with visitors who advertise themselves unabashedly and spammily in the comments and it ends with classic trolls and haters. Therefore, it is a good decision to activate the comments individually. However, caution is advised here, because you do not want to expose yourself to the accusation of silencing unpleasant critics.

Therefore, you can also activate critical contributions, provided they do not contain any insults or elements relevant to criminal law. React promptly to comments and remain objective and calm even if you are criticized. In order to encourage readers to comment, it is a good idea to ask a question at the end of the article. Encourage readers to answer this question directly in a comment.

How do you want the world to know about your blog?

Now you have planned excellently and made great first contributions live, but the readers are still missing. This is less because of a lack of interest, but because they haven't discovered your blog yet. In the first step, you could do the Search engine optimization of the blog put to the test and see whether the correct keywords is being worked on.

In the second step, you should use all advertising media online and offlineto draw attention to the blog. This of course includes that you have the Share the link to the new blog post on all social media channels. In the beginning, you can also promote the links in your private network, especially if the social media platforms of your company do not yet have a convincing reach.

Use your Email signatureto draw attention to the blog and take the blog posts in your Email or messenger newsletters on. You can also refer to the blog offline, print his URL on brochures, business cards, letterhead, posters and roll-ups.

If you have the appropriate budget, you can also use Google Ads to generate traffic.

Guest posts and blog parades