How do you find passion in yourself

How do I find my passion?

The best-known pieces of advice for entrepreneurs or prospective self-employed are:

  • Find your passion.
  • Do what you love
  • Follow your passion.

It's just stupid if you don't know them - your own passion, your own passion.

And so hundreds and thousands of willing go in search of exactly what their heart burns for. Some only search for a short time, others for years, others maybe their whole life in order to end up where they were before: ignorant.

Ignorant, because they are still looking for THE ONE and are wondering what their red thread in life is, what their calling is.

However, this does not automatically promise a secure income.

So is it true that you only do great work (and earn money accordingly) if you do what you love and that comes with all the motivation to enjoy doing it again and again?

Or is it not the other way around?

The phrase “follow your passion” is absolutely not new. It was mentioned in a book as early as the 1970s. It was really about the changing conditions in the world of work. From then on, thousands upon thousands started looking for a job that matched their passions. This phrase had a real hype until the 1990s before it subsided for the first time.

What remained were apparently completely dissatisfied job hoppers who switched from one job to another and simply found no real fulfillment in anything. If you look at the economic figures, this is reflected in many areas.

And since every fashion trend seems to repeat itself somehow on a regular basis, this one does too. Following your passion and looking for your passion is full again in.


For some, very, very few, this may be true. For the vast majority - not!

Because: It doesn't matter that you do what you love, but that you love what you do.

Jobs in which you can live out your absolute passion are pretty rare. Even in the world of the self-employed. There are practically no apprenticeships and no courses of study for this.

You also need time to develop a real passion for something. I don't know anyone who woke up one morning and shouted “I have her! THAT is my passion and from now on I will go for it with full power. "

When you start playing the piano, you don't bring Lang Lang's passion with you from day one. It started with an interest that became more. It was not until many years later that he became the virtuoso he is today. Because passion takes time.

Instead of laboriously searching for your passion, I have a completely different tip:

Take a look at what you can do incredibly well today and get better and better at it. Get so good that no one can miss it. Reconsider your attitude towards this work. Because it probably already is your real passion. Otherwise, people would not come to you today and ask you for advice or help on this topic.

You will then do something with real passion if you do it incredibly well. When it's easy for you. If you like to develop yourself further and learn more voluntarily in this area.

Passion has to develop for a topic or an area. It's not just like an address you're looking for. It is growing, slowly and continuously.

Your attitude and your inner attitude are decisive. If you stop complaining all the time that you can't live your passion or that you don't even know it, but instead start loving what you are very good at, it automatically becomes a passion.

And then you can start implementing and realizing your dreams with a strategy and plan!

Now I would like to hear from you, have you been or are you still looking? Or have you developed the skills and knowledge over the years so that you really love what you do today? Write me your experiences in the comment now!

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