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Internations rankingExpats feel particularly at home in these cities

Even in an increasingly globalized world, emigrating is still a risk. But living and working in a foreign country is an adventure that more and more people are looking forward to. Mostly it is the job, but often also love that turns people into expats. In addition, low cost of living and beautiful weather are attracting more and more German pensioners into the distance.

The expat network Internations asks some of its own statements, more than 3.5 million members worldwide, how they rate their adopted country. More than 20,000 participants from 178 countries took part in the current Expat Insider study. They rated their host country on the basis of over 25 factors from categories such as quality of life, settling in, working life, cost of living, finances and the housing market. The new Expat City Ranking 2020 is based on this database. According to Internations, 82 cities with at least 50 participants each were examined.

These ten cities received top marks from expats this year:

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# 10 Basel

Basel inspires expats with the high quality of life. The Swiss city ranks sixth worldwide in this category. In the areas of environmental quality, local transport and personal safety, Basel also performed extremely well in comparison with most of the 81 competitors. The city also scores with comparatively affordable rents. For many foreigners, there is only a lack of interpersonal contact. "The locals are not really open to making friends," said a participant from Venezuela. “That makes integration more difficult.” # 10 Basel

# 9 The Hague

Jobs in The Hague are secure (fifth place worldwide) and 70 percent of those surveyed are satisfied with their financial situation (global average: 57 percent). However, the Dutch metropolis also has many downsides for expats. The jobs may be secure, but the career prospects are assessed as bleak by many respondents. "I can't find a good job that is better paid," complained a Bulgarian participant. There is something else that affects many expats: the weather. Here, The Hague was only 78th out of 82 cities.

# 8 train

Not Zurich or Geneva - no, when it comes to the expats, Zug is the best city in Switzerland. It even took first place worldwide in terms of quality of life and the local economic situation. Foreigners are also above average satisfied with the medical care and work-life balance. In the “Working in the City” category, Zug came fifth in a global comparison. But here too, as in Basel, expats find it difficult to make friends. 31 percent of the expats attested that the locals were unfriendly towards foreign fellow citizens. Worldwide this value averaged 19 percent.

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# 7 Barcelona

Bad weather? Their colleagues in Barcelona only know this problem faced by expats in The Hague from hearsay. The Spanish metropolis made it to number one worldwide in the sub-category “Leisure & Weather”. Most expats (60 percent) also find it easy to make friends in Barcelona (45 percent worldwide). 77 percent feel at home there (64 percent worldwide). Everything could be so beautiful - if it weren't for the housing market. More than half (55 percent) find housing unaffordable (44 percent worldwide).

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