Which countries accept British refugee documents?

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EU mobility allows you to study in other Member States for up to 360 days with a for study purposes (with the exception of Ireland and Denmark). The directive did not apply to the United Kingdom even before it left the EU. Some Member States require a separate notification of this to the relevant competent authorities; You can find an overview of the procedures in the download area.

Study stays in Germany for up to 360 days

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If you already have one from another Member State for study purposes, you do not need a German one. It must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Germany.

The German university must notify the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of your stay in advance. This should be done as soon as your intention to study in Germany is known. In any case, the notification must be received in full 30 days before your entry.

Your personal audition at the is not necessary.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will issue you with a certificate confirming your authorization to stay. The certificate is declaratory and not absolutely necessary for entry.

Communication to the Federal Office

The notification from the receiving university to the Federal Office must include the following documents:

  • of the first EU country (issued for study purposes and according to the REST directive)
  • recognized, valid passport / passport substitute (only a copy)
  • Proof of participation in a Union or multilateral program with mobility measures or the agreement between the universities
  • Admission of the receiving university
  • Proof of livelihood security (including proof of health insurance)

All documents, except for the passport and the, must be submitted in German. If necessary, the BAMF can accept easily understandable, foreign-language documents and decides, however, whether the documents submitted meet the requirements. You will still find the familiar notification form in the download area. We no longer need this for the mobility notification. You can still send this notification form to the students to fill in and use it as a support for entering data in MoNa.

Note for the receiving university in Germany: The notification may only be made by the university. It can be uploaded via the following IT specialist application MoNa: https://nks.bamf.de

To access MoNa, the MoNa terms of use must be signed; a scanned signed copy must be sent to the Federal Office via the BSCW server. The university then receives a registration code for participation in the Delegated User Management (DeBeV) for the administration of its employees for access to MoNa and the corresponding usage instructions.

You can find more information on registration and transmission under "further information / downloads"

Study stays in Germany for more than 360 days

For study stays of more than 360 days in Germany, you usually need a visa for entry and one for the purpose of studying for the further stay. Further information can be found under "Studies".

Legal basis

  • Section 16b of the Residence Act
  • Section 16c of the Residence Act
  • Section 19f of the Residence Act
  • Directive (EU) 2016/801