Is Elon Musk right to colonize Mars?


Elon Musk is a unique guy and when he speaks in public he makes a lot of headlines. We know his work and his two descendants: Tesla and SpaceX. With the first, he wants to expand the electric car and with the second launch into space and create affordable transport systems. In fact, the main customer is NASA.

He recently had an interview with AEON, a meeting that not only confirmed that Musk is a visionary, but also some very clear statements about it the future of humanity and made the plans of his company. It is clear: one day we will leave Earth to colonize Mars.

Conquer Mars with Elon Musk

In Xataka we talked several times about SpaceX: a company behind the creation of ships to put people into orbit and ultimately to colonize Mars . It's not the first time someone dreams of going there, but Musk believes they will succeed and encourages us to travel with him through the space that surrounds us.

In the interview, he affirmed that the trip to Mars is not so much an inspiration for future generations or something motivating, but rather something more practical: the eradication of poverty and deadly diseases. To get to Mars , we must start again and solve the problems we have on earth.

A somewhat questionable vision as it sounds like a "clean slate", but Musk is right when talking about the earth, nature and Natural disasters speaks. Can we all take change? When we look back and look at the radical changes the earth has undergone, the answer is clearly no. In fact, there is a very interesting point:

"When you look at the current state of the art, something strange must happen to civilizations, and I mean strange in a strange way."

However, it should be noted that the Mars is not exactly an earthly paradise . The weather and the atmosphere are very aggressive and man would have a hard time. You have to send colonies of humans, but not live in underground caves or always be locked in prefabricated structures.

For many others, like the physicist Freeman Dyson, the colonization of Mars will take many years. We need to move forward in technology a lot to be able to do missions with men to Mars. They indicate that more testing is needed, but Musk wonders why they shouldn't be done on humans.

In an interview, he questions the role of missions like Mars Rover and the cost of shipping a "remote-controlled car" to the Red Planet. Musk believes that with that money, missions could be carried out of a different type and not so much for exploring and studying the Martian surface.

Elon Musk goes on in his mind and says that life on other planets is very often questioned. He wonders if there are other civilizations and races gives and why, if there are more advanced than ours, is not present. An odd reflection that shows the personality it has.

Well worth the entire interview, it's interesting to see how determined he is to achieve what he intends to do. Whether or not he does it remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that ambition (and money to make it) aren't two elements that this flesh and blood Tony Stark lacks.

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