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Vegan cuisine does not exclude sweets. On the contrary. Even without animal products, you can use our tips and recipe ideas to prepare delicious vegan cookies, even bake muffins. Try it!

Vegan cookies - it's the properties that count

Eggs. Milk. Butter. Actually indispensable when it comes to dough, when it comes to cakes or biscuits. Actually. After all, you don't want to use animal products for vegan cookies - and you don't have to. There are even two alternatives. Either you choose a recipe whose dough does not include egg or milk, or you use vegan substitutes that have the same properties as animal products: you need ingredients that make the dough supple, serve as flavor carriers and help to achieve a browned crust form, also deliver liquid (milk). In order to save the eggs for vegan biscuits, you need a substitute product that binds fat and water like egg yolks, which coagulate like egg white, stick with the flour and make the dough firm. In fact, animal products are not absolutely necessary for this, vegan ingredients also have exactly these properties in order to make a dough for vegan Neapolitans, vegan vanilla croissants or chocolate chip cookies without butter. Our EDEKA experts have interesting tips for you.

The right ingredients for vegan cookies

The easiest way is to replace milk for vegan cookies with soy products or rice or oat drinks. Coconut milk is also an option. Keep in mind, however, that your recipe for vegan cookies must also match the coconut flavor. Banana, for example, goes well with it. If the milk in your biscuit recipe only serves as a liquid supplier, even sparkling mineral water is sufficient. If you want to replace the binding properties of eggs, you have three options for vegan cookies with, for example, oatmeal. Egg substitute powder - mostly made from lupine and corn starch - is the tasteless variant, while soy flour naturally tastes like soy, but you can save a whole egg with just half a tablespoon. Fruit puree made from bananas or apples is ideal for fruity vegan biscuits. Find out how to replace the driving force of eggs in your vegan cookies here.

Recipes for vegan cookies and muffins

Now that you know how to bake cookies without using milk or eggs, you can also create a vegan version of our sesame cookies. Replace the egg and enjoy delicious cookies made from oatmeal, sesame, pumpkin seeds and almonds. The best thing: Instead of sugar, use agave syrup as a sweetener, which is often referred to as a vegan honey substitute and has fewer calories than white sugar. Of course, it doesn't have to be vegan cookies. You can also easily prepare small cakes without animal products. For our vegan muffins with popcorn, you can choose soy drink as a milk substitute, instead of egg soy flour and vegan margarine. You get a fruity aroma thanks to the dried apricots. Also discover our recipe ideas for vegan sweets. Would you like more ideas and tips for vegan cuisine? Here you can find out everything you need to know.