How are you going to celebrate your birthday today

15 great ideas for adult birthdays

Celebrating your birthday as an adult seems a lot less fun than it used to be. When you were little you counted the nights and couldn't wait to get your presents! Now you think about what you still have to do to satisfy the large group of guests. Fortunately, there are many ways to have a lovely adult birthday party. We've put together 15 adult activities and birthday ideas for you so you can celebrate your birthday your own way!

Are you looking for great birthday party ideas for someone else? Then you can organize a surprise party, for example!

Celebrating your 1st birthday as an adult: Have a game night

Are you looking for birthday ideas for adults because you don't just want to sit together with close family on your birthday, as you do every year? Then turn your day into an afternoon or evening game and play table tennis, darts, who am I ?, board games or twister! In this way, all guests are active and new topics of conversation arise again and again. Don't you have enough space to play with so many people? Then you can rent a hall for your birthday.

2. Cozy cocktail party as a birthday party

You can also celebrate your birthday in an original way with a cocktail party! Check out recipes for delicious cocktails, get the ingredients and lots of ice cubes, and make sure you have enough glasses. Of course, you can also hire a cocktail caterer so that you don't have to organize everything yourself. You can also choose a dress code for your party. In this way, all guests come to your birthday in the right outfit!

3. Celebrate your birthday in an amusement park

Do you have children and do you think it is nice to make a great day out of your birthday for them too? Then celebrate your birthday in an amusement park. Go to the park with your children or invite family and friends with children. So you can plan a great day trip right away and celebrate your birthday in a completely different way at the same time! Ask your guests not to give you anything or pay admission for everyone. So your guests don't have to pay a large amount of money unexpectedly.

4th birthday party idea for adults: wine tasting

Wine lovers can easily upgrade their birthday with a wine tasting! Throwing a birthday party as an adult becomes a great party this way. If you have a lot of wine knowledge, you can choose some good wines yourself. Of course there are also many companies that you can book for wine tastings. A wine specialist will tell you new interesting things about wine while you drink the best wines! Aren't you that much of a wine lover? Then why not organize a beer tasting!

5. Going to the cinema with family and friends

Another great idea is to go to the cinema on your birthday. You don't have to make any preparations for your party yourself. All you have to do is invite your guests with a nice invitation and reserve the movie that you would like to see! On the birthday invitation card, mention that you don't need any gifts or that you will pay for the tickets to the movie. So the celebration remains affordable for everyone.

6. Celebrate an original birthday in the forest or in the park

Are you looking for great ideas for an adult birthday party and is the weather going to be fine on your birthday? Ask all guests to bring a camping chair, pack the cake, snacks and drinks and celebrate your birthday in the forest or park! The children will have fun in nature while the adults will have time for each other. So you can celebrate your birthday in a different way without much effort.

7. Pizza party: order pizza or bake it yourself

As an adult, celebrating a birthday at home can be done in many different ways. How about, for example, a sociable pizza party? Order many different pizzas to share or let your guests prepare their own mini pizzas with different toppings. You can bake the mini pizzas in your oven or in a pizza oven that you can put on the table. With pizza you make almost every guest a joy, so why not serve it on your birthday!

8th Birthday Party Ideas for Adults: High Tea

Are you a real sweet tooth? Then celebrate your birthday with a high tea. Take your family or friends to a restaurant or cafe and enjoy plenty of tea and sweets. Take a look at our article with nice high tea locations near you. Of course, you can also organize your own high tea party at your home. Serve the tea in old teapots and bake several cakes or prepare sandwiches. This is a great way to turn your birthday into an English feast!

9. Nice birthday activity for adults: boat ride

If you love the outdoors then boating is a fun activity on your birthday. Select a place in advance where you want to go boating and reserve or rent a boat. Bring your own coffee and cake or dock at a nice restaurant. Your birthday will be a memorable one with these adult birthday party ideas.

10. Unforgettable bowling party with family and friends

Bowling on your birthday is an active way to celebrate your new year. All you have to do is rent the bowling alley and invite your guests for a great time. The great thing about bowling is that you can do this with both small and large groups. Agree with your guests in advance whether you will pay for the drinks so that there are no confusions during the birthday.

11. Great trip with a vintage car

In addition to parties at home or elsewhere, you can of course also book an activity. Rent a couple of vintage cars and take them on a trip! Choose a beautiful route with lots of nature and stop for coffee and cake along the way. Isn't your budget that big? Then, be selective in putting the guest list together and only invite your closest family members and friends.

12. Celebrate your birthday at home with a garden party

Would you like to celebrate your birthday at home and give the party a special flair? Organize an unforgettable garden party in your own own garden! Serve a variety of dishes, make delicious cheese platters, and offer cocktails and specialty beers. In the evening you can create a relaxed atmosphere with nice music, candles and fairy lights. Is the weather forecast bad for your birthday? Then read our tips for when it rains at your garden party!

13th birthday party in a cafe

If you have a small living room, you can celebrate your birthday in a coffee shop. Make reservations well in advance so that there is enough space for all guests. Do you want to invite your guests? Then mention on the invitation that you will pay for the first two drinks and a piece of cake and that you will not need any presents this year.

14. Try cakes one evening

Could you have a piece of cake or pie at any time of the day? Then ask your family and friends not to give you anything and bake a cake instead! Here's a great way to have a cake contest on your birthday. Who baked the tastiest cake or the tastiest tart? This means that you can eat cake all evening long and enjoy a cozy evening with your family and friends. And of course the winner will get a nice present!

15. DIY’s on your birthday

At children's birthday parties, you probably always had fun making necklaces or birdhouses before, so why not celebrate a creative birthday as an adult? So choose one or more DIY projects for your guests that will keep you busy all afternoon or evening. How about, for example, spicing up simple IKEA products, making a wreath for the front door, building a bee hotel or your own board game? Of course, you can also organize someone to give you a workshop.

How do you celebrate your birthday as an adult?

With one of these 15 tips and birthday ideas for adults, your birthday will be a success anyway. This year you won't surprise your guests with cheese, sausage and chips, but with a pizza party, boat trip or wine tasting. And do you happen to be 50 years old? Then we also have a lot of great ideas to celebrate your 50th birthday!