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Puzzle kids - animal shapes and puzzles

What is the best way to encourage logical thinking and the recognition of shapes and patterns in children? With the free and colorful educational game "Puzzle Kids - Puzzle Games"!

Puzzle-Kids is an educationally valuable game app with various object and animal puzzles that have been specially designed for children. In every mini-game, your child faces the challenge of finding and changing special shapes, completing puzzles and building shapes into a large picture. As an incentive, children can collect stickers and receive toy rewards. The colorful and user-friendly interface is made for children's hands - for toddlers, kindergarten children and preschoolers.

But not only children, parents also love puzzle kids! The learning app offers numerous settings and functions to adjust the level of difficulty and to see a child's progress.

Puzzle-Kids is completely free and does not contain any third-party advertising or in-app purchases. The free app offers the full range of functions with great fun and learning for children!

Puzzle-Kids contains the following children's games:

1. Connect shapes: Objects are displayed on the screen with outlines above them. Have children draw the objects on the outlines to solve the puzzle.

2. Forming objects: A shape is shown at the top, several parts at the bottom. Children have to connect individual shapes and pull them into the bigger picture. If they succeed, they will see a funny picture.

3. Guess the object: An unknown object is displayed. Help your child guess the item with as few clues as possible. You will get hints if you drag the colored shapes to the outline.

4. Solving puzzles: In this game, puzzle pieces that are more difficult to shape have to be arranged into a picture. Several customization options are available for parents. It can e.g. B. the number and difficulty of the puzzle pieces can be determined.

Functions and features:
- Four mini-games encourage logical thinking and the development of problem-solving.
- The colorful surface helps children interact with the objects on the screen.
- The app improves concentration and cognitive skills.
- As a reward there are collectable stickers and toys.
- The app is completely free and does not contain any third party advertisements or in-app purchases!

Puzzle-Kids was specially developed for children, but also for adults, so that everyone can play together. This colorful learning fun is suitable for the whole family. And the best thing about this educational game: It's free! Download it now and find out how much your child can learn to prepare for school.

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