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Cooking spoon: Test & recommendations (05/21)

Our approach

A wooden spoon is an indispensable part of a complete kitchen set. It ensures that dishes such as soups are gently moved so that they do not burn. He also helps to take care of the dishes from a safe distance. In this way he reduces the risk of getting burned. In addition, the wooden spoon can also prevent water from boiling over. He is simply a very useful and versatile helper in the kitchen.

In our large wooden spoon test 2021 we would like to help you find the most suitable wooden spoon for you. We will explain to you what types of these spoons there are and what their advantages and disadvantages are. We'll also give you additional tips on what you can use your wooden spoon for in the kitchen. In the end, you will be able to decide exactly which wooden spoon suits you.

the essentials in brief

  • Wooden spoons ensure that you can safely mix your ingredients. You can use it in pans and pots to prevent your dishes from burning. You can also isolate various solid parts with the spoon.
  • The wooden spoons decide especially in the material. The most popular materials for these spoons are plastic, such as silicone and plastic, metal and wood. Each material has unique functions and uses.
  • Fewer bacteria accumulate on wood and metal, which is why they are considered antibacterial. Plastic is often used because these spoons are easy to clean and save time cleaning.

Cooking spoons comparison: reviews and recommendations

Because wooden spoons are so popular, there are also countless different products. But these products are not always of high quality. To make your search easier, we have made our 6 favorites for you.

The best plastic wooden spoon

The pointed wooden spoon from Fackelmann is a very versatile wooden spoon. It is 30 cm long and can therefore be used for almost every pot in the household. The pointed edge at the end of the spoon helps to reach the corners of the pot. In addition, the spoon has a hole for hanging it up. The material can be heated up to 270 ° C without damage.

This plastic wooden spoon is suitable for any type of pot or pan. It does not damage the surface of these devices. In addition, the black color also makes the spoon look very pleasant. Due to the plastic, this wooden spoon can also be easily cleaned and put in the dishwasher.

Editor's rating: The wooden spoon from Fackelmann is a simple and functional wooden spoon. The tip reaches even the deepest parts of the pot. After use, it can be hung in the kitchen after simple cleaning.

The best wooden spoon set

RSW24 ensures that you get a whole set of useful wooden spoons for little money. The set includes 5 spoons, which have 3 different sizes. One spoon is 25 cm, 2 of the spoons are 30 cm and 2 are 35 cm long. Therefore, you can use the wooden spoons for various pots and pans. The spoons are made of solid beech wood. This wood has antibacterial properties and is therefore particularly healthy.

RSW24 enables you to work sustainably. With these wooden spoons you support the environment, as wooden wooden spoons are much better for the environment than plastic spoons. In addition, the wood is very durable if used correctly. Each wooden spoon in the set can also be used for coated and sensitive pans and pots, as they will not damage them.

Editor's rating: With this wooden spoon set you get 5 spoons at a time. This means you always have a replacement on hand in case one of these spoons is destroyed. In addition, this set is ideal for you if you value a sustainable lifestyle.

The best wooden spoon with a hole

Fackelmann's wooden spoon with a hole can be particularly helpful when stirring solid ingredients. The hole reduces the resistance when stirring, so that solid components in particular can be stirred better. Nevertheless, this spoon can also be used for all other dishes. The spoon can withstand a heat of 270 ° C and can be hung on a hook.

If you have to stir dough frequently or if you want to scoop solid ingredients such as dumplings out of the dish, this wooden spoon is suitable. The pointed end also helps you reach the corners of pots. So you can pick up the last leftovers with the spoon yourself. This spoon is also very easy to clean.

Editor's rating: This wooden spoon is best for solids. Spaetzle dough is often stirred with a spoon with a hole. This wooden spoon makes stirring easier for you.

The best cooking spoon made from olive wood

Metaltex has made a very good-looking cooking spoon with this cooking spoon made of olive wood. Since the spoon is made of high-quality and solid olive wood, it is very heat-resistant and does not damage surfaces. In addition, olive wood is very antibacterial as it has only a few pores. The spoon is 30 cm tall and can be used for any pot or pan.

In addition, a wooden spoon made of olive wood is very sustainable, as olive trees are only cut down after the olives have been harvested. In addition, the olive wood provides a certain strength and resistance. This means that spoons made from this wood last a particularly long time. The appearance of this spoon is also an important point. The olive wood gives it a unique appearance.

Editor's rating: We recommend this spoon for anyone who wants to live sustainably. This wooden spoon fulfills all requirements and is suitable for every dish. The special design of the spoon also makes it very special.

The best pointed wooden spoon

The WMF Profi Plus cooking spoon is a spoon with a metal handle and silicone tip. The silicone tip provides a way to reach the corners of pots. The handle is made of rustproof stainless steel and remains durable and attractive for a long time. The spoon is 32 cm long and is heat-resistant up to 200 ° C. In addition, it has a hanging loop for easy storage.

This spoon looks very high quality. Thanks to high-quality silicone and stainless steel, it has a very long shelf life. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The spoon is also very gentle on the surfaces of pots and pans due to the silicone tip.

Editor's rating: This spoon particularly scores with its high quality. In principle, it is suitable for all dishes. It is also easy to use and easy to clean. The long shelf life of the spoon also saves you multiple purchases.

The best long wooden spoon