Where can you meet a decent man

A dream man wanted: THESE are the best places to get to know each other

His name is Jonathan, Florian or Paul, he looks damn good and of course he's exactly your type. Only problem: where the hell is he? And: where can you get to know this splendid example of man?

According to market research experts, the circle of friends and acquaintances is the best place to get to know each other (33.3 percent). Closely followed with 22.5 percent: going out in the evening. After that, there are public festivals and events and - hard to believe - the workplace in third and fourth place. In the last place are cultural events, parents and relatives, sports and the Internet. So much for the facts and figures, where you can get to know a man in purely theoretical terms. Fortunately, however, life often plays out differently.

Where can you meet the perfect man?

The cute guy in the supermarket, the tall blonde who steps on your feet in the subway, or the first meeting with the dream man between bookshelves in the university library. The right man can lurk anywhere and anytime. So it is important to keep your eyes wide open! We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of potential places to get to know each other. The result: the best places to get to know each other.

In the bar

Place: A nice bar, you might be standing at the counter in proper style or sitting on the comfortable sofa. Ideally, you are not alone and then suddenly you see "him". In an early morning subway, only really brave women would get up and speak to the man of interest. But luckily you are in the official hunting ground! The laws of the evening apply here. You don't have to give him your number directly, but you might make eye contact or match him at the counter the next time you order a drink.

Advantage: The atmosphere in a bar is definitely relaxed and also a bit dim. A small glass and the conversation with the still relatively unknown counterpart becomes easier. And if Mr. Right isn't interested, you won't even see your red ears in the dark.

Tip: Brave people openly approach him and speak to him, others try to catch his gaze. If he looks at you consciously, there may be interest. Then you shouldn't worry too much, just dare something. Itself is the woman!

In the cafe

Place: You're sitting in a nice street café. No matter whether you are sitting here alone with a newspaper or laptop, whether you are chatting with a friend or just enjoying your coffee: you should definitely look around! Going to a café by yourself has long since ceased to be a sign of social isolation. And that's why there are always interesting single men to discover. Open eyes!

Advantage: Getting to know each other in a café has the advantage that you get your first impression very soberly and objectively in daylight. In addition, you have all the time in the world, the day is still long, and you can dare to try a flirt in a relaxed manner.

Tip: During the lunch break, a café is often just a quick transshipment point for caffeinated stimulants and small snacks. Hardly anyone really has the time and leisure to get to know each other. You'd better start on the weekend - then most people are in a better flirtatious mood.

At friends

Place: The birthday party, the housewarming party or the Skat round - no matter what type of event, there are plenty of potential partners lurking in the circle of friends. After all, one of the basic requirements is already there: someone you like and know likes and knows them too. Your friends will surely be happy to introduce you to the interesting man. So the best prerequisite - and no wonder that this type of partner search is at the top of the success list.

Advantage: The disadvantage and advantage are obvious here. The disadvantage: your advances will surely be registered by your friends. You and he will definitely not be unobserved. The advantage: You get to know him without any problems, after all, thanks to the mutual circle of friends, you have some common topics of conversation. And you're sure of his phone number too.

Tip: If a really stunning guy appears in your circle of friends, it is better to ask a friend directly whether the dream man is really still available. Better safe than sorry.

In the cinema, theater or museum

Place: In the cinema, theater or museum, silence is a must. A cultural treat or a funny romantic film - there is no talk here at first. So you can only look around, and that only as long as the light in the hall is still on.

Advantage: Whether with an oversized bag of popcorn in the cinema or extra chic in the theater: it only becomes communicative here after the performance. But when the film, the last act or the final chord are over, you definitely have a common topic of conversation and that is often worth its weight in gold when you get to know each other.

Tip: Do not choose a greasy love story or the latest erotic thriller with hot sex scenes in the cinema. There may only be snogging couples sitting next to you or large groups of girls. In action films and crime novels, the male quota is likely to be higher!

Another plus: With the choice of the film or the play, you know in advance whether your potential partner is a friend of horror films or a real culture freak.

With a dog in the country

Place: Out into the green, into the urban parks or simply into flora and fauna. Best on a sunny day or during a stately autumn storm. There are not only wild boars, birds and Co. but also one or the other man!

Advantage: Those who love nature are well served by having a partner by their side who is also not allergic to long walks. That is why the idea of ​​getting to know him between boxwood and beech is not so absurd.

Tip: It's best to use trick 17, which will always work for sure: Get a dog - so on loan from a friend or the neighbor. No joke - a borrowed or your own Bello (ideally a puppy with button eyes) works wonders. People will certainly stop in rows to admire your dog. And ideally not only women who fall for the googly eyes, but also one or the other male dog friend.

On the Internet

Place: Internet. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to become a member of a relevant dating site. Social networks like Facebook & Co. have also become gigantic contact exchanges.

Advantage: Here you will find many people from the past, from school, sports or old neighborhoods. Or you discover a nice picture of a guy that you can speak to with a simple click of the mouse. You can also take a look at the friends and contacts of your acquaintance. Perhaps there is also an interesting gem slumbering in man ...

Tip: You can also find each other online through common interests. Fans of classical guitars, tango dancers and tattoo enthusiasts - there is nothing on the web that does not exist. A classic dating site also usually does a good job. Much more people now use this offer than you might think.

In the supermarket

Place: The supermarket between detergent, yoghurt and cheese counter. No wonder hardly anyone here expects to meet Mr. Right. But why not? After all, everyone needs something to eat.

Advantage: Well, not a real one. You have to address him here as you do everywhere else. And that's not necessarily easier with sexy neon light in front of sausage, potato salad and ready-made meals than in a more sensual ambience. But the supermarket has one good thing: true to the motto 'Show me what you buy and I'll tell you who you are', you can see here how HE ticks. Play a hobby psychologist and you will know more about your potential acquaintance.

Tip: Pay attention to what he puts in the shopping cart. If there are baby diapers, mountains of healthy fruit and the family pack of organic muesli lying there, then it is definitely taken. Another tip: go shopping late at night. The quota of working singles and attractive students is above average.

In the fitness studio

Place: The gym of your choice that you bravely signed up to to do something for you and your body.

Advantage: You can see a lot of him right away. So, as for his body. He's from you too! Cheating is not an option. You are sure to get into conversation quickly, after all, 30 minutes on the cross trainer are boring for everyone, and many are happy about a little distraction. But there are also disadvantages: bright red like a tomato on your face and your hairstyle at half past seven, you probably look fix and foxy in your sweatpants. Well - all the more excited he can be to date you with a normal heart rate.

Tips: If you want to register for a new studio, inquire beforehand about the clientele who are sweating there. If you prefer pretty homosexuals or women there, that's nice, but maybe not your hunting area. And the edges, bouncers and pimp types are not your target group either? Then off to the next gym for a trial lesson.

Dancing and partying

Place: The exuberant after-work party or the new club in town - this is where people dance and celebrate. So it's perfect for getting to know someone in a relaxed manner.

Advantage: The exuberant atmosphere should break the ice quickly. It's loud, the atmosphere is relaxed and the hustle and bustle prevents the silence from emerging. On the dance floor, in the crowd at the bar - getting to know each other is just terribly simple here. And in the event of a rejection, it is even easier to descend.

Tip: Don't go to a hangout, just choose a nice party where people your age can romp about. Then you can decide for yourself who you want to get to know and not just get turned on stupidly.

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