The RCMP is investigating murders in Canada

Further puzzles over the triple homicide in Canada

So the motive for the bloody acts is currently completely unclear. "It is extremely difficult to determine the motive for security," said the police officer Kevin Hacket to "Global News". "We will not have the opportunity to interrogate the two suspects." The investigators hoped to find clues in the vicinity of the body.

Schmegelsky's father said in an interview that his son had never recovered from his parents' divorce. He is on a "suicide mission". The three murders are being investigated further, Hacket said in Canadian media. Here, too, efforts are being made to educate - also for the bereaved. It is also unclear whether there is a connection between the murders or whether they are coincidences. The two crime scenes are 470 kilometers apart.

Evidence will be further evaluated

"We still have to secure our previous investigative findings, whether with testimony from witnesses, checking the timing and physical and digital evidence to confirm our case theory and to be able to exclude all other possibilities or suspects," Hacket continued. Only then will the case be closed.

Escape over 3,000 kilometers

On their flight from British Columbia to Manitoba, the two 19- and 18-year-olds covered more than 3,000 kilometers. "That corresponds to a trip from London to Moscow," Hackett continued on Wednesday.

In mid-July, the bodies of 24-year-old US tourist Chynna Deese and her 23-year-old Australian friend Lucas Fowler were found on the edge of a country road in northern British Columbia. The young couple was shot. The two had traveled through Canada as backpackers. The couple killed was discovered on July 15, around 20 kilometers south of the Liard Hot Springs park in the north of the province, which is popular with tourists. Witnesses reported that the couple had previously broken down.

The professor's body was later discovered around 470 kilometers from the first crime scene. The police initially listed the two men as missing, assuming they were also possible victims. They had come to the Yukon to look for work, it was said.

"Worst love story of all"

The death of 23-year-old Fowler caused great consternation in his native Australia - especially since his father is himself a high-ranking police officer in the state of New South Wales. Stephen Fowler traveled to Canada after the death of his son and went public there. "I'm a seasoned cop," he said. "But today I am here as the father of a murder victim."

His son had recently traveled around the world and had "the best time of his life," said Fowler. “It was during that trip that he met Chynna and they became an inseparable couple. It's a love story that has come to a tragic end. It's the worst love story of all, ”continued the father.