How much money does Pornhub make

Pornhub pays users up to 22,000 euros

Pornhub made headlines several times this year. The world's largest Internet porn site recently announced that the new game of ThronesSeason caused a real porn slump. Shortly before that, the platform launched an app for television and the first free virtual reality porn channel. Now Pornhub is causing a stir once again.

Reward for safety advice
The porn site has now announced that in the future it will pay out a reward to users who discover security flaws. In the best case, you can get up to 25,000 dollars (22,000 euros). Small mistakes are rewarded with $ 50. So the range is pretty wide. IT giants like Facebook, Google and Apple have been doing this for years. Most recently, the Facebook subsidiary Instagram paid a 10-year-old $ 10,000 for reporting a critical gap. With Pornhub, the first porn site has jumped on this bandwagon.

Cooperation with HackerOne
In order to get the reward, users who discover a vulnerability must report it to Pornhub within 24 hours and exclusively via HackerOne. HackerOne is a so-called bug bounty professional with whom Pornhub is now cooperating. With the new service, the porn site wants to make its offering more secure and protect users from possible dangers such as viruses and Trojans.

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