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The skyline of a city is like its trademark and therefore always a popular photo motif. Especially in the evening, when it gets dark and the lights gradually come on in the skyscrapers, tourists stand with open mouths in front of the mega-buildings and are amazed.

Just think of Hong Kong, New York or Dubai, where there is incessant construction towards the sky. The cityscape changes almost every day.

But which skyline is the most impressive? And can you even measure that? Yes, says “Emporis”, the online portal for buildings and architecture, and has published a ranking that determines the wow factor of the world's city silhouettes.

The winner: Hong Kong! The financial city at the mouth of the Pearl River is one of the coolest metropolises in the world. In 2014 alone, the mega-city attracted around 60 million tourists.

And a German city also made it into the ranking - albeit far behind in 90th place: Frankfurt am Main with its banks and commercial buildings.

All (fully completed) high-rise buildings within a skyline that have at least twelve floors were evaluated. The higher the number of floors, the higher the points. At the end all points were added up. TV towers, masts and bridges are not included in this calculation.

This is how the points are distributed per building

12-19 floors = 1 point 20-29 floors = 5 points 30-39 floors = 25 points 40-49 floors = 50 points 50-59 floors = 100 points 60-69 floors = 200 points 70-79 floors = 300 points 80 -89 floors = 400 points 90-99 floors = 500 points 100 and more floors = 600 points Explanation example: A skyscraper with 50 to 59 floors gets 100 points.

Here you can see the 22 most gigantic skylines in the world - and below again the complete table with all 100 cities.

1st place: Hong Kong

2nd place: New York City (USA)

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3rd place: Singapore

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4th place: Moscow (Russia)

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5th place: Seoul (South Korea)

Rank 6: Dubai (UAE)

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7th place: Chicago (USA)

8th place: Shanghai (China)

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9th place: São Paulo (Brazil)

Rank 10: Bangkok (Thailand)

11th place: Tokyo (Japan)

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12th place: Guangzhou (China)

Rank 13: Toronto (Canada)

14th place: Busan (South Korea)

15th place: Shenzhen (China)

16th place: Incheon (South Korea)

17th place: Chongqing (China)

Rank 18: Panama City (Panama)

19th place: Mumbai (India)

20th place: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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21st place: Beijing (China)

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22nd place: Istanbul (Turkey)

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The complete list with all 100 cities

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