Can aquariums be used for turtles

Care for turtles and fish together?

I plan to get aquatic turtles. My question is is it possible to put them in an aquarium stocked with 6 fish. I would set the water level to "half the aquarium height" and build a "jetty" where the turtles can stay outside the water. Would that be possible?


this is not a good idea for several reasons:

  • Most turtles / pond turtles grow very large (the popular red-eared ear turtles, for example, reach 25-30 cm in length). The aquarium must therefore have a lot of space (at least 1 square meter per turtle). Don't be fooled by the fact that the shield baskets are mostly sold as babies the size of a 2 euro coin - they grow extremely quickly!
  • They will eat any fish they can capture / overwhelm.
  • Their digestion is extremely active, which leads to very high water pollution (much stronger than in normal fish aquariums!) or very extensive water changes are necessary - even with strong filtering and biological filter activation, this can range up to "almost every day almost completely".
  • Conventional aquarium heaters are only suitable to a limited extent. They have to be installed (approximately) vertically - which requires a certain minimum water level - and protected from access by the turtles, otherwise it is easy for the powerful turtles to simply smash them. Corresponding turtle aquariums or aquaterrariums are therefore usually heated differently, e.g. B. over heat lamps, which are inaccessible to the turtles.

Conclusion: It is better to plan a separate aquaterrarium of the appropriate size for the turtles!

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Dr. Bodo Fast