What do you have to do once in a lifetime?

100 things you have to do in life - my (travel) bucket list. Is constantly being expanded because there is so much more to experience.

Everyone makes bucket lists. So I line up and write down what things I (still) want to do in my life. I have already ticked some of them (easy to see here because they are crossed out), with some I don't know if I'll ever tick them off. But since you should visualize your wishes as is well known and somehow they can also be implemented more easily once you have written everything down, come here

My 100 things you have to do in life

Cuba, in 2000

Egypt, in 1999

3. Bathe in the sea at night in the moonlight

4. See an elephant in a natural environment

5. Take a city tour of your hometown

6. Bathe under a waterfall

2019 - a night in Denmark, in the middle of the forest, without electricity, running water and sanitary facilities

9. Live a week in the monastery

10. Drink red wine in the bathtub

12. Lying in a meadow and staring into the clouds

13. Fly to New York for shopping

15. Take the night train to Paris for breakfast

16. Eating a meal in complete darkness

17. Flying hot air balloon

18. Quad driving in Dubai

19. Take a safari tour of Africa

20. Parachute jump

21. Pet a koala

22. Take a ride on the largest roller coaster in the world

23.Kite buggy ride on the beach

Egypt, in 1999

25. Stand on top of Mount Everest

26. Learn to ski

28. Dog sledding across Canada

29.Whale watching

30. Jump off a cliff into the ocean (although I'm afraid I wouldn't dare)

31. Spend a week in an alpine hut in the mountains without electricity or water

32. Learn to surf

33. Take a trip around the world

34.Water skiing

35. See the most important sights:, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Colosseum in Rome, the Statue of Liberty in New York, flying over the Grand Canyon, Stonehenge, Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu, Milford Sound in New Zealand, the Cliffs of Moher, Great Wall of China, Ayers Rock, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Angel Falls, the Niagara Falls, the Sagrada Familia, Hagia Sophia, Neuschwanstein Castle, Walk of Fame, the Christ Statue, the Acropolis, the Empire State Building

36 Visit Disneyland Paris (strictly speaking, I've already done so, but it's been so long that I can hardly remember)

37 Visit Disneyworld in Florida

38. Play once in a Las Vegas casino

39 See the Big 5 in the wild

40 Observe the polar lights

41. Attend striptease class and then lie down

42.Watch the sunset on the beach

Schlagermove 2019 - like dancing in the rain almost every year ...

45. Telling a joke to someone on the spur of the moment

46. ​​See the 100 best films of all time

47. Order something on the menu and don't know what is being served

48th Carnival in Rio

50.Buy a plane ticket spontaneously at the airport and travel

51.Sing loud karaoke (even if it hurts the others 🙂)

52. Visit a Zen temple in Japan

53. Walk the Camino de Santiago

54. Sitting by the sea much more often (I'm constantly working on that)

55. plant a tree

56. Quit the job because it is not the right one

57. save a person's life

59. Spend a summer on an alpine pasture and work together

60. Call all people with the same surname

61. Totally embarrassing yourself

62. Take all bus and U / S-Bahn lines in Hamburg

63. Catch a fish and cook it yourself

65. Live a week without a time

66. sleep in a tree house

67. Ride a horse into the sunset

68. get styled professionally and party all night

69. Explore Sydney

70. walk through a crevasse

72. visit Harry Potter Studios in London

73. Spend the night on a lighthouse

74. Take a gondola in Venice

75. Just say yes for a week

76. Visit the Oktoberfest once

77. bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

78. Tour Scotland

79. see the Alps

80. eat an original Bolognese in Italy

81. experience the Indian Summer on the US northeast coast

82. travel to Costa Rica again

83. See icebergs in Antarctica

84. a motorhome tour through Sweden

85. Visit an island where there is no traffic

86. Visit every federal state in Germany

Celebrate the 87th Midsommar in Sweden

88. visit all European capitals

89. climb an active volcano

90. travel through the Norwegian fjords

91. Visit Stockholm again

92. stroll through Copenhagen

93. drive through the canals of Amsterdam

94. swim with giant tortoises

95. Traveling around Europe by car

96. Sleep in an igloo

97. See a Broadway musical

98th stay in the most expensive hotel in the world

99. Island hopping in the Caribbean

100th stay in a beach chair

Things that one must have done in life: There is sure to be more to it ...

I'm sure I'll keep adding to the list in the coming weeks and months. Because there are always things that inspire me and my love of discovery is unbroken.

What do you really want to have done in life? And which wishes and dreams have you already fulfilled?

I'm really excited!

Your Anna