Why are parachute hunters considered an elite in the air?

German paratroopers in World War II

The removal of an army from the air was a novelty in the history of war. Names like Eben Emael, Rotterdam, Norway, Crete, El Alamein, Tunis, Sicily, Normandy, Bretagne, and not to forget Monte Cassino, the deployment of the "Brandenburger" paratroopers in Yugoslavia or the Ardennes offensive are with the history of the German paratroopers closely related. German paratroopers were deployed in the scorching heat of Africa as well as in the icy deserts of Russia.
In words and pictures, Volkmar Kühn tells the story of the German parachute troops from their beginnings in 1935 to the end of the Second World War in 1945. This work testifies to the sacrifice of this elite troop based on the war diaries of the associations, the diaries of their leaders and hundreds of reports from all paratroopers Ranks - from parachute shooter to commander in chief of the German parachute force. The chapters reflect the often decisive deeds of brave officers, NCOs and men. Gripping combat reports and over 370 photos and situation maps make this work a standard work on the German parachute troops.

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