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Hotdog (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter / male)

Other spellings:
hot dog
Hot | dog, Plural: Hot | dogs
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈHɔtdɔk]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Fast food, consisting of a warm sausage in an elongated roll that is eaten with mustard or ketchup and, if necessary, other ingredients (such as fried onions, sauerkraut, tartar sauce, mayonnaise or slices of pickled cucumber); the bun is either cut open or hollowed out lengthways in order to place the sausage in it
Origin of the term:
Hot dog was in the 20th century by the Englishhot dogliterally: hot dog ‘borrowed. There is a story about cartoonist Thomas Aloysius "Tad" Dorgan about the origin of this name: In April 1901, at a sporting event in the New York Polo Grounds, he heard how frankfurter sausages with hot mustard in elongated buns were brewed in hot water as " Red Hots ”or“ Red Hot Dachshund Sausages ”were touted. This inspired him to draw a cartoon in which a dachshund-shaped sausage barked in a bun. He allegedly called this cartoon a “hot dog” because he didn't know how to write “dachshund”.
General terms:
1) Fast food, fast food
Application examples:
1) On the occasion of his eleventh birthday there was Hot dogs to eat.
1) “Tourists get out of their little white rental cars, buy candy and Hot dogs.“
1) “The sources contradict each other a little, when the Hot dog came to Sweden. "
Nominative: singular 1 Hot dog; Singular 2 Hot dog; Plural Hot dogs
Genitive: singular 1 Hot dog; Singular 2 Hot dog; Plural Hot dogs
Dative: singular 1 Hot dog; Singular 2 Hot dog; Plural Hot dogs
Accusative: singular 1 Hot dog; Singular 2 Hot dog; Plural Hot dogs


  • English: 1) hotdog
  • Finnish: 1) nakkisämpylä
  • French: 1) hot dog
  • Italian: 1) hot dog
  • Swedish: 1) varmkorv

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

From Hawaii to Hot dog - what is ordered the most in Barmbek & Co.
Mopo, September 16, 2018

How does a real one see Hot dog from: with onions under or over the sausage? A big argument has broken out in Australia, and even the government is intervening. A call in Hot dog-Motherland Denmark.
Spiegel Online, November 23, 2018

An inmate gave him one on the day of his admission Hot dog thrown in the face.
Rolling Stone, October 09, 2018

Go to the jacket shop, across from the military surplus shop near Tom’s Hot dog State is.
Wooco, August 20, 2018

Whether it's Swedish almond cake, salmon rolls or that Hot dog at the exit - snacks have long since become a sales driver at Ikea. In 2018 Ikea made a turnover of 239.6 million euros with its culinary offer.
stern.de, May 25, 2019

The Hot dog is more than a recognized delicacy. In Trump's America he is even an example of successful integration.
sueddeutsche.de, July 21, 2020

The 25-year-old food blogger Kate Ovens from Great Britain took part in a "Hotdog Challenge" by doing a meter long Hot dog has eaten in the course of 25 minutes.
Sputnik Germany, November 17, 2019

Since sales can only be made by pre-ordering, the sausage stand operator got creative: Customers have to for Hot dog Call & Co.
Krone.at, April 20, 2020

Asian street food, such as Baodog, the Chinese version of Hot dog is available in the small, fine Tang street food on Stumpergasse.
DiePresse.com, August 01, 2020

No matter if Billy shelf or Pax cabinet, Hot dog or Kötbullar - from this summer you will also find them in the fan-shaped city.
ka-news.de, February 26, 2020

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