Why could e-scooters be banned?


Questions and answers on small electric vehicles within the meaning of the eKFV

For a few months now, the so-called e-scooters have been allowed to be used on German roads. To this end, the legislature has created a new regulation, the Small Electric Vehicles Regulation (eKFV).

But how do I behave correctly in traffic? What is allowed and what is not. Below are the answers to perhaps the most important questions.

Which vehicles are you talking about?

Meant are inter alia. Self-balancing vehicles with a speed of at least 6 km / h and a maximum of 20 km / h, which are driven by an electric motor. These include the so-called e-scooters and Segways.

The hoverboards, monowheels and electric skatboards, i.e. those that do not have a handlebar or holder bar, will initially remain prohibited on public roads.

Can I take part in road traffic with any e-scooter?

No. You need an operating license and liability insurance as a prerequisite. In addition, a valid insurance sticker, a vehicle identification number and a manufacturer's plate must be affixed to the vehicle. The vehicle type "small electric vehicle", the maximum achievable speed of the vehicle and the number of the operating permit must be shown on the manufacturer's plate.

Do I have to bring any papers with me?

No. The documents for the operating license and insurance do not have to be carried with you. You are welcome to keep these at home.

Who can drive it?

It is only allowed to drive people who have reached the age of 14.

Do i need a driver's license?

No. No driver's license and no moped test certificate are required. However, we recommend that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the e-scooter before you go on the streets.

Where can i drive?

An e-scooter may only be used on cycle paths, cycle roads and cycle lanes. If these are not available, you must drive on the road. Use on sidewalks is prohibited. Even with the engine switched off, it is not allowed to drive on sidewalks.

Can I transport an additional person with an e-scooter?

No. The e-scooters are only designed for one person. It is therefore not permitted to take another person, not even children, on the e-scooter. Incidentally, it is not allowed to carry any objects on the step.

Are helmets compulsory for e-scooters?

There is no obligation to wear a helmet. However, we recommend everyone to wear a helmet.

Can I drive the e-scooters while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

No. Legally, e-scooters are motor vehicles. Therefore, the alcohol limits apply as for cars. Anyone who is on the move with 0.5 per thousand or more or who is under the influence of drugs and is caught must expect a fine of 500 euros and a one-month driving ban for all vehicles. However, anyone who is no longer able to safely participate in road traffic with an e-scooter from 0.3 per mille can make himself a criminal offense. The zero alcohol limit also applies to under 21-year-olds and license holders during the probationary period.

So: stay away from alcohol and drugs!

Do i need insurance?

Yes. As for cars, motor vehicle liability insurance is required for e-scooters to cover personal injury and property damage caused by the use of the vehicle. If there is no insurance, it is a criminal offense. An insurance sticker must be affixed to the vehicle as evidence.

Do I have to pay attention to anything else?

In road traffic, the requirement of constant caution and mutual consideration applies in particular. In addition to the provisions of the newly created Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance, the provisions of the StVO also apply. Infringements constitute administrative offenses and can be sanctioned with warning fines.

We wish everyone a good and safe journey!