What have been some of your wildest experiences

Camping experiences: "Tent poles flew, it thundered, outside the world came to an end"

We had planned our first camping trip with children for a weekend in the insanely hot summer of 2018. The night before, my husband and I had the opportunity to go out together for the first time in over a year - and unfortunately we underestimated the cocktails.

The next day it was scorching hot and we had a terrible hangover. We would never have gone camping voluntarily, but the children were electrified and sat expectantly in the already packed car.

Arrival at the idyllic, completely shadow-free place around noon at 38 degrees. All around us, there are well-tempered Dutch people in deck chairs in front of their well-equipped mobile homes, smiling smugly and watching our spectacle. And we with our brand new family tent, still in its original packaging, brutal headaches and half-cooked children. And the first sentence of the instructions for use reads: "If you have never pitched the tent, it is better to test it at home before you go."

The situation was completely hopeless, near-death experience, and the endless, shameful process made my husband and I feel like people who must have done terrible things in their last life. But: We somehow managed to do it, and the fact that we didn't split up afterwards, I see as a positive omen for the future. We've been there twice since then and it's great every time - but it's a bit like giving birth: After that, you usually forget the real pain.