What inspired the TV show Futurama

Is the Futurama TV show kidding about the 1939 Futurama exhibition?

I'm excited to see the relationship between the TV show Futurama and the original exhibition by Norman Bel Geddes that it was named after. Are there any special jokes or Easter eggs on the show related to Bel Geddes and his life / philosophy? Or is there anything in episode scripts that openly references the original 1939 Futurama? The aesthetic of the setting is similar to the original, but I'm more curious about jokes that are actually being uttered or reenacted.


What do you mean by "reservations"?

Mischa R.

@ user14111 Basically anything that shows that the artist or director Bel Geddes or the original Futurama wanted to refer specifically to the viewer - rather than just using it as aesthetic inspiration. This can be a foggy area in terms of background design, which is why I think more of dialogues or scripts.


OKAY. I thought "reservations" were "warnings".


Yes, the common meaning of "caveat" is a warning or caution. Often times, a condition that you tell people needs to be factored into a particular statement to avoid misunderstandings or overly broad interpretations.

Mischa R.

Cameos! @ $ # &. I thought of cameos. Serious brain fart right there. Though I think Easter eggs is even better.


This is as openly a reference as you will get:

The title card for the episode "The Inhuman Torch".

Mischa R.

Signed, delivered sealed.

Avner Shahar-Kashtan

The most noticeable thing is right there in the first episode, immediately after Fry woke up in 3000. The cryotechnician enters the room and dramatically shouts "Welcome to tomorrow's world!" Out:

This seems to have been taken almost literally from the theme of the 1939 World's Fair, which Wikipedia describes as "The World of Tomorrow" and which is made clear in promotional material for the fair:


Also in one episode there was a "Past-o-Rama" exhibition - a kind of "old world fair" that gives a very imprecise picture of life in New York and in the 20th century (they thought Albert Einstein and Hammurabi would be during the days of disco) this was probably intended as a parody of the 1939 Futurama exhibition.