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Feedback from our seminar participants:

  • Stephan Dieckmann - Daimler AG

    "Bernd Holzfuss from the Institut für WirkKommunikation is characterized by his extraordinary specialist knowledge in the overall area of ​​NLP. He has a unique teaching style that allows theoretical and practical modules to be brought closer to beginners very effectively. I can only do the training with Mr. Holzfuss recommend."
  • Ina Groß

    "The seminar was a real experience with in-depth effect! Thank you, dear Bernd. You were a trainer, coach and mentor for us at the same time. I took away a lot of great insights that I can certainly implement a lot open. Thanks for that - I can warmly recommend your seminars. "
  • Stephan D.

    "Again, many thanks for the great NLP Practitioner training with you. I had a lot of fun and broadened my perspective in many things. I will continue my training with you and look forward to the coming year for the NLP Master's training . "
  • Doerthe Thaler

    "I am very happy to have embarked on the master's adventure with you for many years after completing my practitioner training. It was an inspiring time for me, which not only brought me a lot of joy and pleasure, but also me in many ways more richly and clearly brought to a destination that I had never seen before. "
  • Marc Schramma

    "I can't really put into words what NLP has done to me. I have been able to positively change many of my points of view through NLP. It gave me a lot more self-confidence and positive energy."
  • Roland S.

    "For me, the NLP practitioner training was as if a door had opened into a new world. The course was a unique enrichment from start to finish. Thanks to your competence and your empathetic manner, you managed to create a unique atmosphere in the To create trust and openness in which many new - also profound - knowledge were allowed to mature. "
  • Yvonne Rank

    I did my NLP training with Bernd Holzfuss and I am completely thrilled by his calm and confident manner. The trainer exemplifies the NLP. He is competent in the areas of knowledge and empathetic and authentic in practical application. The extensive training documents still serve me today as a valuable reference work. I was particularly impressed by the appreciative and respectful interaction during the training. For me it was very easy to learn the new knowledge and to use it today as a matter of course in my job and in my private life. I can unreservedly recommend Bernd Holzfuss.
  • Marcus W.

    Dear Bernd, I would like to thank you very much for one of your best seminars that I have ever been able to attend: The "NLP Practitioner Coach". Both the atmosphere among the various participants, who quickly came together to form a functioning and supportive team, and for me now the step from the format elements to the practical application of the NLP interventions. Of course, this doesn't happen "just like that" within a group. That requires someone who, in addition to all other levels, also has an eye on the group. Many thanks to you for this experience and hats off. Best regards, Marcus
  • Susanne K.

    The practitioner training at the Institut für WirkKommunikation is the best investment in myself that I have ever made. Bernd and Jasmin are competent trainers who have succeeded in finding a good balance between imparting theoretical knowledge and numerous practical exercise sequences. In the unique atmosphere of the historic Hofreite and largely through respectful interaction, I was able to experience how each and every one of us was given the space to grow personally. Every single weekend I went home with new knowledge and energy. Every single kilometer of the 280 km and every euro is well invested. The NLP Practitioner training has changed my life and I look forward to continuing. Thank you, Jasmin and Bernd!
  • Danni K.

    Now, at the end of my successfully passed Practitioner exam, my heart is filled with love, my views have been turned 180 degrees in many places and my life has been more than enriched. Enriched with a lot of new knowledge that Bernd and Jasmin conveyed in such a patient, humorous and loving way that I have never experienced before. Enriched by an appreciation, both from all participants and the trainers. Enriched by all the impressions in which the other participants let me participate. I would like to thank Bernd and Jasmin once again for this great time and look forward to the master’s degree.


Claudia Hönig in an interview with Bernd and Jasmin on the topic: "NLP for prospective naturopaths in psychotherapy."

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