Diet Coke can cause diabetes

Coca Cola and Co .: Can diet soda without sugar cause a stroke?

If you like sweet drinks like lemonade and cola, but want to avoid sugar, you can choose diet versions that contain sweeteners. But US researchers warn: These are not necessarily healthier. According to a study by the "American Heart Association" there are links between the consumption of sweetened diet sodas and the risk of stroke or diabetes.

Diabetes, stroke, heart problems from diet soda?

Diet sodas are therefore not necessarily healthier than conventionally sweetened sodas, they just cause other health problems. A number of studies have already examined the negative effects of soda on health. According to the "American Heart Association" Sugary sodas have been linked to heart problems and obesity, and diet sodas with sweeteners are even linked to diabetes, heart problems and stroke. The researchers emphasize that there is no cause-and-effect principle here, but that there is only a correlation between the restrictions and diseases and the drinks.

Diet soda: further studies must prove health risks

The results of the "Northern Manhattan Study" close, which appeared on April 20 in the journal "Stroke". The data was collected over a period of ten years in different phases, starting from 1991 to 2001. It was found that regular consumption of diet sodas significantly increases the risk of dementia and strokes. It is even higher than for participants who regularly drink conventionally sweetened sodas.

However, the researchers emphasize that many influencing factors must also be taken into account. For example, if the participant was a smoker or already obese, the risk is already fundamentally higher. The question needs to be investigated through further studies, the researchers said. Those who drink water are probably on the safe side.

Sweetener instead of sugar: More and more people are drinking diet soda

Although the consumption of sodas according to the "American Heart Association" has declined over the past two decades, we still consume most of our sugar through sodas. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a person should not consume more than 25 to 50g of sugar a day, as much as there is already in a can of lemonade. The "American Heart Association" is concerned that the consumption of supposedly healthy sweetener sodas is increasing, especially in America and even among children. EJ

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