Is shapeshifting real

I am shapeshifting - ARGEkultur & Shapeshifters body art

"Because I'm a girl".

Jasmin Rituper's first solo piece I AM SHAPESHIFTING recently celebrated its world premiere at ARGEkultur. The multimedia dance piece will also be celebrated with a standing ovation on the third day of the performance - Chapeau!

On the dark, oversized video screen, small bright dots appear that are reminiscent of stars. The perspective focuses on one of them that is starting to grow. Associations with a very personal big bang come to mind, because in the middle of this powerful image an aerial acrobatics cloth dangles from the stage sky. This is real and when it begins to vibrate slightly it becomes clear that someone is there. A red vertical cloth as a cocoon in which Jasmin Rituper moves expressively. It is the hour of birth of her stage alter ego: I AM SHAPESHIFTING tells autobiographically the stony path of the Salzburg dancer into a professional artist existence (direction, production: Alexander Wengler, dance: Jasmin Rituper, costume: Norbert Gruber, music: tbc).

The shapeshifter

In fact, J. Rituper's first solo project begins with the young girl who dreams of taking on the great stages of the world. It dances passionately through its room with musical melodies and practices the moonwalk. The expression is childishly emotional, only the great body control reveals the professional dancer. The representation on the stage also changes; the dreamy being continues to develop and drifts seamlessly into adolescent insecurity and initial disappointments - dramatic melodies accentuate the emotional images.

Shapeshifter, we know them, these are these mythical creatures from mythology that playfully take on other forms. In the multimedia dance production, the essence of the shapeshifter is taken up and applied to the modern type of women and artists. The female dancer does not want to be tied down - neither in dance to one style nor in her social position as a woman. Instead, she slips into different parts and lives the Shapeshifter credo that flows out of every pore of the far too short performance. To this end, the stage I experimented with the different dance styles, which gradually find their way into the staging. In fact, they flow with ease into the various sequences of scenes and ensure a varied representation - excursions to the pole dance pole, elegant acrobatics at lofty heights and audience improvisation included.

Communicative imagery

The special thing about the multimedia production is that the stage self does not speak. But even if no vowels or consonants leave J. Rituper's lips, I AM SHAPESHIFTING could hardly be more talkative and eventful. Multimedia images and background music mix with the voice of the performer, which can be heard in various parts from the tape. The resulting symbiosis of fiction and reality leads to their dreams and hopes. The clips oscillate to the mirror of the feelings and decipher the thoughts of the performer. It is precisely because of this that there is something intimate and precious about the moments that can touch the innermost part of the audience.

Anyone who thinks that SHAPESHIFTING somehow sounds like heavy fare is wrong. Such a life has its ups and downs, that also applies to dancers. The didactic added value of the multimedia dance theater breaks through again and again extremely humorous components. Small, playful details give I AM SHAPESHIFTING a certain lightness that fascinates. The multimedia clips, which make up most of the backdrop and are just as captivating as they are innovative, also contribute to this. Upon request, the video animations can become “living” props with which the performer flirts. Sometimes a multimedia hat is thrown onto the at least equally multimedia clothes rack; of course he sits. But the large virtual drawing from the children's room (being a dancer once!) Will later be stuck to the wall in New York. Perfect timing and great body control ensure the positive surprise effect. In return, the performer likes to step out of her own animated shadow and become a figure made of flesh and blood. A shapeshifter.

The message from I AM SHAPESHIFTING is clear: “Believe in yourselves!” It seems to call out to the adolescents and the eternally doubting. If the news falls on fertile ground only once, then it is clear that such an evening could not end better. The enthusiastically applauding audience should also join in.



Photo credit: Shapeshifters body art