A triangle is a strong shape

Importance of geometric shapes in web design

As is well known, shapes are closely related to colors and cannot exist separately from one another. According to popular opinion, the color plays a key role as a visual element, which is why many web designers rely primarily on the color scheme by ignoring another, no less important element such as shape or using it without reflection.

Web design: psychological aspects of geometric shapes

It is of course open to heated debate as to whether it would be adequate to rely on color in all cases. Because the form is often primary for the perception of a concrete object. In addition, one needs to attach great importance to the form force for one important reason - Shapes have a significant effect on the human psycheby creating connections, feelings and emotions. And that influence is significant. In this article we would like to familiarize you with the psychological aspects of geometric figures and try to explain why one form shouldn't be underestimated.

Each shape conveys a message

Circle, triangle and square or rectangle remain the most common geometric figuresthat you encounter in everyday life almost at every step - on the street, in residential and industrial buildings, parks, as far as the eye can see. These are the simple basic forms that form complex figures. Since ancient times they have belonged to the primeval symbols of humanity, the perception of which is deeply anchored in our consciousness.

Numerous studies have long shown that each of them is associated with certain ideas. Subliminally, humans attribute a certain importance to the geometric figuresAccording to psychologists, every figure triggers manageable feelings in him. The emotions generated can actually influence people's behavior and encourage them to take desired actions.

When we talk about a website, the correct use of geometric figures can not only improve their appearance, but also the design working effectively for different goals - get involved, invite participants, create trust, encourage people to buy, support an initiative, share information, etc.

Square: create trust

In web design, squares and rectangles are the most common shapesthat are used on a large scale mainly to structure the content. Square or square frames are usually used to enclose text and images. These forms are also widely used for the design of navigation elements.

The square is considered to be Symbol of strength, stability and immutability. Straight edges and right angles give this figure its statics and balance. As a rule, many people associate the square with honesty and security. To create similar feelings in visitors, square and rectangular shapes would be appropriate. If you want to emphasize the solidity of the company and represent the reliability, squares or rectangles should definitely be present in the design. It is undoubtedly no coincidence that these shapes appear on the websites and logos of large established companies.

It would make sense to use them for areas such as economics, finance or construction, e.g. in web design for banks, investment funds, real estate agencies, credit companies, architectural offices.


  • Strength
  • strength
  • Statics
  • balance
  • immutability
  • reliability
  • rationality
  • honesty
  • resistance

Feelings and emotions

  • trust
  • security
  • confidence


Web design example of the shape rectangle # 1

Web design example of the shape rectangle # 2

Circle: set accents

The circle is the most widely used universal sign found in all cultures. It symbolizes the sun, the moon and other planets; the universe in its limitless aspect. This form has neither a beginning nor an end, so no specific direction. That is why the circle stands for unity, perfection and infinity.

Circles are not used as often in web design as rectangles. They are used more as menus, navigation links, and for creating images and photos. The use of circles makes the site generally positive for visitors. Nevertheless, you only have to use them moderately in the designbecause the abundance of rounded shapes can add incompleteness to a website. With a harmonious arrangement of website elements, a visitor's attention is drawn to the circle first, so it is worthwhile to use it to highlight particularly important areas. It would be useful to put noteworthy points or calls for action in circles.

Circles are used in web design in a wide variety of areas such as food, entertainment, art, advertising, marketing.


  • Wholeness
  • harmony
  • balance
  • unit
  • perfection
  • protection
  • connection

Feelings and emotions

  • peacefulness
  • Serenity
  • security
  • Cosiness


Web design example of the shape circle # 1

Web design example of the shape circle # 2

Triangle: indicate direction

The triangle is the first purely theological symbol. It reflects the threefold nature of the universe. On a spiritual level it is commonly associated with the Christian Trinity. There are also many meanings for the triangle to be found in esotericism.
This form is commonly equated with movement, progress and growth.

It can work dynamically and actively, so that people are stimulated to act. The triangle is particularly useful on a website to indicate the direction. Triangles as arrows for navigation can prioritize content by letting the visitor's gaze wander through the website. It is therefore advisable to place triangles close to information about the success of the company, its activities or other relevant facts.

The dynamic character of the triangle goes well with growing high-tech companies, car dealerships, political parties, sports clubs, initiative groups or coaching.


  • dynamics
  • growth
  • development
  • direction
  • progress

Feelings and emotions

  • engagement
  • Leadership
  • competitor


Web design example of triangle shape # 1

Web design example of triangle shape # 2


Through the consistent use of geometric figures it would be conceivable that the Significantly increase the efficiency of the website. Because appealing web design could contribute significantly to influencing the behavior of visitors and as a result to win more customers, boost sales and support other important tasks.

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