How do Indian vegetarians survive in Germany?

Was there or is there a people in the world who eat a purely vegetarian or vegan diet?

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Vegetarian or vegan nutrition is an issue everywhere, including at Stern.
I am interested in whether there is a people somewhere that - not for religious-philosophical reasons as in Hinduism or Buddhism - eats in this way. Apart from various other forums with very different opinions, I didn't find anything useful. Does anyone here know?
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My Opinion: There are certainly peoples who have a vegetarian diet to a large extent. Nevertheless, livestock husbandry and slaughter or hunting are part of the lifestyle of every people.
Purely vegan, I can't imagine. By nature, humans are not pure herbivores and need substances to survive that are only contained in meat. "Modern" vegans achieve this by consuming chemically processed, plant-based food that is certainly not available to a pure indigenous people.
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It is said that there are / have been ethnic groups who eat / ate a purely vegetarian diet. On the one hand there are the Jains (India) and the Bishnoi (India).

You can find a lot about this on Google / Wikpedia, including this excerpt >>

Because of the ideal of non-harming living beings, Jainas only eat in such a way that neither animals nor plants have to die for it.
So far Wikipedia!
Whether that means that they have an exclusively vegan / vegetarian diet, one can deduce from it or not, the alternative would be to eat naturally dead animals or their meat
Why is it important that the reasons against eating meat are not religious-philosophical? What reasons should there be then ?! Biological-ethnic, for example? Or purely financial? Could you name some people who avoid pork, for example, without having a religious-philosophical reason for doing so. I want to say that, in my opinion, people in a crowd (i.e. in a national association, for example) only ever decide against one food for cultural (i.e. religious-philosophical) reasons (provided that food is available and not contaminated in any way). Therefore, you will probably not find a people who "just go crazy" eat vegan or vegetarian food.
I don't understand all of this "Juchhei" about vegetarian or vegan. The world population has now doubled in a few decades, so it’s shit ... no matter what we eat, at some point food and energy will no longer be enough
My question arose while reading the Stern No. 4 title topic "Vegetarian Diet", in which - once again - the thesis was put forward that vegetarian was the original form of nutrition and that practically only the western nations were the largest meat consumers. I just can't believe that, because if vegetarian were the natural form of nutrition for humans and meat was just "edible", then I would like to know whether there was or is a culture somewhere in the world that, so to speak, is out there Principle because it is the most natural form, vegetarian diet. That is why I also excluded religious-philosophical, i.e. moral, aspects.
And: primitive peoples, Indians, Eskimos, etc. in particular have a predominantly carnal diet - right?
The Bishnois have been vegetarian for over 500 years.
The Jains have been for millennia (now mostly vegan).
The Hopi Indians in North America are also vegetarian (practically vegan). Unfortunately, this tribe is not so well known as it never fought wars and lives peacefully with nature.
No, it does not exist. They would also die out very quickly.
Despite all the propaganda by militant animal rights activists, one cannot fully eat a vegetarian diet.
Vegetarian children are usually born with damaged kidneys, and in some cases brain damage has also been attributed to malnutrition.

"Vegatarianism" is a moral concept that is relatively new. ethnic groups with limited access to meat were seldom older than 30 years in the past.
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Not correct!
Sandy is pure polemics! In India about 50% of the population have a vegetarian diet!
There are also several studies that show that vegetarians z. B. have a lower cholesterol level! See also: Article in the Ärzteblatt!