Can someone give me money for free

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How do you send money online?

How much does it cost to send money online?

GBat Western Union, the transfer fee varies based on the amount, the destination, the way your loved ones receive money, and the payment methods used. Western Union offers a variety of money transfer solutions to fit your budget.

Check fees

Choose the most convenient option for your recipient

When you send money online with us, you choose how you want it to arrive:

Pay as you wish

  • Bank account
  • \
  • Klarna banking
  • \
  • Credit or debit card

Benefits of sending money online

Western Union offers easy ways to send money online using We offer fast and reliable services to suit your lifestyle, available around the clock and around the world.

Send money conveniently with our app

Send money whenever you want, check transfer fees and exchange rates in advance, track your money transfer conveniently. Save time on repeated money transfers with Western Union® App.

Still have questions about the best way to send money online?

We are here to help. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of “Sending money abroad online” right here.

How do I transfer money online with a credit card?

For an easy way to send money online with a credit card, just go to, create an account (i.e. register for free), fill in your transfer details and choose how your recipient would like to receive their money . Choose "Credit Card" as your preferred payment method to move your money quickly.

How can I make a money transfer online using my bank account?

You can send money online with Western Union - with or without a bank account. You can log into or register for free, then enter the transfer details and choose the method your recipient would like to receive the money. And finally, you can choose your preferred payment method - either bank transfer or online transfer (Klarna).

How can I transfer money online?

Western Union enables fast, reliable and easy online transfers. If you register for free on and create a profile, you can send Klarna money. Start the transfer and fill in the details of the recipient and the amount of the amount to be sent. Then you choose how the recipient should receive the money and how you want to pay. Confirm and pay, done!

Receive rewards with My WU

Save transfer fees with the My WU Program.

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Enjoy membership benefits

Collect My WU Points with every money transfer and receive valuable rewards.

  1. Check the availability of the country and sales location in the location finder on
  2. 1 Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions including the amount sent, the country of destination, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, channel partner opening times, time zone differences, or the selection of delayed options. For mobile transactions, the amount is credited to the account linked to the recipient's mobile phone number via the recipient's mobile wallet. Additional third party fees may apply, including SMS fees or overdraft fees. Additional third party fees may apply, including SMS, overdraft, and withdrawal fees. Please refer to the transfer form for restrictions.
  3. 2 Number of locations: as of June 30, 2020.