How does rat poison kill people

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Together with the packaging (if still available) to the next hospital. Do not induce vomiting or try any home remedies such as milk or saline. If that's a fake question, I don't find it very funny right now.
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The poison penetrates the human body through the bloodstream and ensures that the cell walls of the blood vessels are dissolved. The person then begins to bleed profusely from the mucous membranes. Due to the high blood loss, the person becomes extremely weak and in the worst case can even die. Bloody stools and vomiting of blood are typical of rat poisoning. If you notice these signs, please see a doctor immediately. With vitamin K1 preparations, but transfusions, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, the poisoning can be reversed.
Rat poison (brumolin etc.) is also dangerous for humans because it can strongly inhibit blood clotting. There are antidotes based on vitamin K. If you fear that you might have swallowed some of it, you should trust a doctor as soon as possible so that he can take measures to help you if necessary.