Is high school something like real life?

Life at an American school

Zischup:When you hear high school, you immediately think of school as Hollywood portrays it. With cliques, machos, divas and clearly separated groups of athletes, musicians and so on. Is that actually true or is the wrong image being conveyed there?
Lorena Moreno:Of course there are cliques among athletes or musicians. However, the groups meet after class as the students go about their activities in the afternoons. In addition, there are no fixed classes because the students attend courses individually. Therefore, the cliques are not as extreme as always shown.

Zischup:We don't really have a sense of community in the schools and we're happy when we're finally allowed to go home from school. How is it in the USA? And how is the relationship with other schools?
Lorena:There is a great sense of community in high schools. The focus is on the mascot, with which all students identify. Sometimes this is reinforced by wearing set uniforms. There is therefore always a lot of competition between schools, for example at sporting events.

Zischup:I once heard that American schools don't have a lot of school stress. Can you really finish with links?
Lorena:Not really, just like here, you have to work hard to get good grades. At the high school I went to, you had the option of taking a badly passed test if necessary. However, I can only talk about this school, it is definitely different with some.
So, too, the degree is different from state to state. I can't say anything specific about the graduation itself since I was a freshman in high school.

Zischup:What you say sounds very tempting and you get the urge to get an idea of ​​everyday life at a high school for yourself. But hand on heart: Which school do you prefer to go to?
Lorena:I really enjoy going to school here in Germany and look forward to meeting classmates and teachers every day. At the same time, my heart also beats in the USA.


The American school system is very different from the German one: Junior high school is followed by four years of high school as a freshman (9th grade students), sophmore (10th grade), junior (11th grade), and senior (12th grade) ).

In high school, each student chooses his / her combination of subjects individually: that's why each course group is composed differently. Most of the time, these classes are taught across grades. The teachers have their own classroom. Thus, the students change classrooms according to their subjects. It is therefore always hectic during the breaks: everyone has to quickly go to the other end of the campus for the next subject in the corresponding classroom.

The lunch break is loud and chaotic: everyone wants to meet their friends quickly and have something to eat on the side. Classes end at 3 p.m. However, here the students don't storm outside like crazy. Many still stay to take part in their clubs such as football, cheerleading, cross-country running or the marching band (marching band). High school offers the opportunity to pursue one's hobbies five times a week right after school. Everyone has one goal in mind: an upcoming game or an appearance.

What always excites a high school is an upcoming football game: the stands are decorated, the lawn is prepared, food stands are set up, the players' water bottles are provided and all students are expressly asked the day before to watch the game, to make an impression on players and spectators of the opposing high school. At the game, everyone is captivated by the team spirit and incredibly proud to be part of their community. Everyone identifies themselves through various fan articles such as t-shirts, caps, flags, buttons and so on. After a successful game everyone is immensely proud of the players and if they lose a game, too! However, the next day everyone is very depressed, especially the players themselves.

School life is organized by the teaching staff, the "Staff", and the student council, the "Leadership", in which, elected or not elected, very committed students put on really impressive activities.