What's the saddest thing about love

Love is just wonderful. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

These sad short stories tell of unrequited love, of despair, of failure and are often full of melancholy.

In this section you can read a lot about strokes of fate that make you think, tell of happiness that has not been held and which in places just make you cry.

Melancholy and a lot of feelings

Love stories are often dominated by feelings, an up and down, as with high and low tide, characterizes these texts. Often love is put to the test. In the form of another person, illness and other events. But that is exactly what can make a story exciting and even more interesting for the reader.

From the end of a pair of lovers

The saddest end of a love is the admission of the failure of a relationship, which usually means a goodbye forever. Longing looks turn into depressed ones. Loving closeness becomes cold distance. The story of a sobering autumn describes this slow end of a pair of lovers.

As long as she is only happy, the story tells of unused opportunities in life. From years of adoration, a constant adoration where love is placed on a high, unreachable pedestal. The value of what is desired is assessed higher than one's own.

These two love stories tell of the respective failure from their own, depressed perspective,

Bathing in the emotional world of others

This melancholy may make you realize that something is missing in your life. That not everything always goes according to plan and that others have missed a chance or have not had the courage to reveal themselves. But it is precisely this bathing in the emotional world of others that can heal your own soul and ensure that the next chance is seized. You dare to talk about your feelings and let your heart guide you.