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Upper and lower case of adjectives - the most important rules + practice07.09.2008, 20:45

Spelling adjectives

The five most important rules for upper and lower case of adjectives in one exercise. Lower secondary level; DaF (German as a Foreign Language).

Contents of the worksheet “Rules for capitalizing adjectives”

The most important rules for upper and lower case of adjectives:

  1. Adjectives are usually written in lower case: beautiful cars, the funny clown, an exciting excursion.
  2. Become adjectives used like nouns ("Noun use"), then capitalized: the red one, the funny one, something beautiful. Capitalized adjectives are often followed by preceding "companion" (accompanying words) labeled as articles, pronouns, prepositions, etc. Often substantiated adjectives go one indefinite quantity ahead, e.g. "a lot", "something", "everything", "nothing", "little", "louder", "some", "all sorts": See a lot of beautiful things, tell something new, experience little exciting, wish all the best.
  3. Adjectives are lowercase when they are up refer to a noun mentioned before or after (even if there is an accompanying word in front of the adjective!). This noun can always be added without the sentence losing its sense: The big clown was funnier than the little one.
  4. Adjectives in the superlative (second step) with “am” are written in lower case if one can ask for the adjective with “how?” And the “am” cannot be resolved into “an which”: The clown is the funniest. How-Question: How is this clown? Funniest. Replaced by "on that": The clown is on the funniest. (→ does not work).
  5. Becomes a Superlative used like a nounif you capitalize it: It is best if you are quiet. She did her best. I don't want the first best. Most of it is known to me. [Duden recommendation: lower case letters] The most important things still have to be said.

Exercise: Correct the following text!

the funny clown did something interesting yesterday. Most of the time he does exciting things, but yesterday he also did dangerous things: he wished a drunk man all the best, even though it wasn't his birthday! that was really exciting. i was so excited that i had to read something soothing before falling asleep so that i could forget the excitement. it worked, and the next day i was able to tell everyone at school something new. but my friend fritz was also in the circus, and he didn't find the clown that exciting. “Is that the most exciting thing you've experienced?” He asked, and I replied that I also liked the number with the lions. “Yes, most of yesterday was boring, except for the lion number, you're right,” said Fritz. “I've seen a lot of boring things in this circus, but the lion act was the best. the white lion looked dangerous, even more dangerous than the black one. ”i was glad that there had been something for fritz too.

Rules: capitalization of adjectives + practice (pdf)