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Office lighting: "A lamp that looks like coffee"


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ZEIT ONLINE: They say that with the right light you can make better use of your creative potential. What is the right light, Mr. Haase?

Raphael Haase: When I was in California, I always felt tired in the office. As soon as I was outside in natural light, I felt significantly more active. At the same time, I came across research showing the relationship between sunlight and productivity. So I came up with the idea of ​​developing a product that brings these positive properties of sunlight into closed rooms.

David Austing, one of my business partners, had already dealt with lighting technology and the effects of light for several years. He had successfully tried out the activating effect of bright and blue-enriched light with a daylight lamp on the desk. However, he was bothered by the fact that it took up a lot of space and also did not match the rest of the office design. The luminaire also lacked the necessary intelligence to adapt to the biorhythm over the course of the day. And so we decided to develop a lamp that imitates both the color gradient of sunlight and the light spectrum of it - and should also have a minimalist design.

ZEIT ONLINE: The result is your so-called caffeine lamp. How exactly does the lamp you have developed work?

Haase: We have developed a lamp that makes you more productive and increases your well-being. We were supported in this by the Munich sleep researcher Till Roenneberg. Our luminaire uses a second light outlet to direct light into the eyes, which causes activating effects. To do this, we took a number of criteria into account in an elaborate process that address human physiology. Because only if the light has the right wavelengths and hits the eye from the right angle is it really effective.

Raphael Haase

With the Caffeine Lamp, Raphael Haase and his business partners David Austing and Stephan Förtsch produce a desk lamp that is supposed to make people more productive.

You can also control our lamp intelligently. Because outside the light is constantly changing, and inside the lighting then has to adapt. We have recreated this change in light color and intensity with a special control concept. A corresponding smartphone app enables the individual needs of the user to be addressed.

And then there is another highlight - blue light. It has been well researched that blue light wakes you up again. A bit like coffee. That is why we also call the lamp the Caffeine Lamp. If you feel tired, you can activate the blue enriched light in the lamp with the push of a button. After a certain period of time, the luminaire automatically reverts to the normal level adjusted to the time of day.