Was Ariana Dumbledore an obscurialist

Why did Harry Potter not become an obscurial?

Book 6, Chapter 23: Dumbledore says to Harry, "Yes, Harry, you can love." ... "When you are given everything that happened to you, it is a great and remarkable thing. You are too young to understand how unusual you are, Harry." ... "In short, you are protected by your ability to love! The only protection that can possibly work against powers like Voldemort's. ... Harry, you have an idea how few wizards might have seen what See you in that mirror? ... "Although there is no direct information on obscurals, it does shed some light on Harry that we might use to posit a few theories. If you compare what we know about Harry's life to the little glimpses we got of Credence Barebone's sad and abused life when we heard from the eight year old imprisoned girl from Sudan and Aberforth's account of his sister Ariana's experience we see that this is a pattern kind of arises. The individuals who developed these parasitic forces were mistreated and abused, be it a single traumatic event or prolonged exposure and multiple events. We don't know when Credence Barebone actually became an obscurus. Was the scene in the film where we first see Graves his first incident? Are we different? Given that Newt and his creatures are blamed, or the events and deaths, we can only assume that it broke out of credibility at such a level around the time of Newt's arrival. We know from Mary Lou Barebone that the mother of her adoptive son Credence was "an angry, unnatural woman". I wonder what did Mary Lou's mother do to Credence that she could take Credence from her and keep him. Is she dead? Murdered by the Second Salamers in a terrible witch trial? Did Credence see or know about it? In addition to the beatings and punishments he suffered from Mary Lou, he was also referred to as a freak and trash by the Senator and was generally ignored and likely ridiculed by most people.

Another aspect that I found fascinating was the similarities between the fact that the Dementors are the magical equivalent of depression and the obscure ones are the magical equivalent of some other mental illness or felt emotion. Then we also have examples of Voldemort's mother, Merope Gaunt, and Tonks, and to some extent even Ginny, who lose their powers to unrequited love. So we can see a precedent that your emotional state is relevant to your strength and abilities, as well as to your knowledge and experience. I see all of these as related because they are aspects of the human condition and show a variety of different choices and outcomes. So what do you think