How did the Hokages die

Do we know how Senju Hashirama died?

I believe Hashirama's story is a lot colder, different, and true to character than people think. Hashirama's life was extremely difficult and no one could simply be what he was. When I say this, I mean not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. He spent his life balancing peace, family, friendship, and justice for all. He was constantly dragged by opposing opinions about what peace really is or what the consequences of his actions as a Hokage would be ... who would it be of any use? Who would it hurt? Would all of this really bring peace between the Senju and Uchicha clans ... or any clans? I think Hashirama is fed up with it. He couldn't balance it all - and no matter what he did, true peace would never come from all of his goals. When Madara read the Naka shrine; he found that true peace just wasn't possible; because it was all an endless cycle of death and hatred between clans. After much time and years of fighting, fighting and further fighting from Hashirama, he began to understand what Madara was trying to say but was never able to come to an extreme solution. He probably couldn't convince himself what was right and what was wrong. True peace was a catch 22. There was no way I could actually achieve it. This could have had a lot to do with Hashirama's peace standards since they were so high. He couldn't stand the fact that he had failed (at least by his standards) and as he always says, "conflict at any time". Even the most powerful people in the world have a limit. His heart could only endure so much killing and bloodshed. Think about it: a man who speaks of nothing but peace and love ... sees nothing but war and hatred. The Hashirama we all know was a real person with a soft heart and eventually that heart can no longer bear pain. Yes, I say it because I believe this really reflects his character: I think he let himself die in the war - or killed himself. He was just tired of it all and no longer saw any purpose or meaning, so he hands the title over to his brother and goes to war to die without people knowing it was willful. Maybe he wanted people to learn a lesson from his death if they could find out. A great and extremely significant character like Hashirama must have a very significant death, not just by dying in battle. He was either really depressed by this fate, which his leadership and skills couldn't change ... or ... he wanted his death to be something people could learn from. He thought he was dating a mark in the world. His death might be another component of people who will find something in the future that will come closer to true peace. All of his successors would learn from him.