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6 Ways Improved Vapor Makes Valve Vapor Storage Even Better

The Steam store is great, but not perfect. There are some useful features that would make it even better and save time. Fortunately, we don't have to wait for Valve to add these features - and they would never add some of them as they compete too much with Steam.

Enhanced Steam is a browser extension. 5 ways to customize your browser and make websites the way you want them 5 ways to customize your browser and make websites the way you want them You're probably familiar with browser extensions, but there are plenty of other ways you can customize your browser and optimize websites. The internet is not a passive medium that you can remix in all directions. They have the ability to remix your websites ... Read More It improves the Steam website when you visit it in your web browser. You are probably already using Steam as the built-in Steam store is quite slow and it lacks useful features like browser tabs.

Game award histories

Steam - and PC games in general - is all about selling. Games are constantly being reduced, and the $ 40 game is likely to be $ 10 soon. Often times, if you are willing to be patient and wait a bit, you can find very good deals on games.

But how do you know if the deal is really good? Enhanced Steam displays pricing information from other stores. You will see if the game is currently available cheaper online in other locations and if the game is activated on Steam if you buy it from another location.

You'll also see the game's historically low price tag - in the case of the Skyrim Legendary Edition here, it looks like we'd expect it to drop to $ 30 or less during Steam's Christmas sale.

DRM warnings above

Have you ever bought a game and tried to play it later only to find out it had terrible DRM. What is DRM and why does it exist when it's so evil? [MakeUseOf Explains] What is DRM and why does it exist when it's so evil? [MakeUseOf explains] Digital Rights Management is the latest evolution in copy protection. It is the number one cause of user frustration today, but is it justified? Is DRM a necessary evil in this digital age or is it the model that made it almost unplayable, such as Microsoft's Games for Windows Live: Running Old Games and Software in Windows 8 Running Old Games and Software in Windows 8 One of the Microsoft's major strengths and weaknesses is backward compatibility. Most Windows applications will work fine on Windows 8. This is especially true when using Windows 7, ... Read More? Typically, Steam displays warnings about third-party DRM. However, you can find them on the store page of the respective games. Enhanced Steam makes the warnings nice and obvious so you can think twice before buying the game.

Game and DLC color coding

Often times when a game that you enjoy is selling, the best time to buy all of these DLCs is when they are very cheap. But how do you know which DLCs you already have and which ones you need? Some games have dozens of DLCs and there isn't an easy and quick way to tell at a glance what content you own. Some players simply add them all to their cart so Steam will tell them which ones they already own. You then have to remove each DLC from the shopping cart piece by piece.

Enhanced Steam will help you by turning the names of your DLCs green. The ones shown on your wish list are shown in blue so you know which ones to pick up later.

Better still, this works across Steam with full games and DLCs, so it's easy to see what games you own, what games you don't use, and which games you wish to add later.

Bundle integration

Enhanced Steam integrates game packages like the Humble Bundle into Steam memory pages and displays the bundles as another type of package that you can purchase. This can save you money and it is easy to tell if you are buying a game that you can get cheaper through a bundle.

HowLongToBeat information

You have probably wondered how long you will beat in this new game. Maybe you want to get the most bang for your buck, or maybe you are busy and don't want to buy more games than you have before the next Steam sale.

This information is available from HowLongToBeat, an excellent website where players submit their graduation times so you can see how long it takes other players to beat a game. Enhanced Steam displays this information right on the store page of each game, saving you the hassle of looking it up separately.

No further age verification requests

The Steam website asks you for your date of birth on a regular basis to make sure you are over 18 years old. This feature is stupid - you can enter any date more than 18 years ago. Steam doesn't track your responses at all.

Viewing these prompts can be extremely awkward, but you won't be forced to see them using Enhanced Steam. It has an "Automatically send age when prompted" feature that will automatically notify Steam that you are over 18 to save time.

There is a lot more that Enhanced Steam can offer, and all of these features are configurable. Download it and try it for yourself. For more great tools to improve your Steam experience, check out our list of Steam Improvement Tools. 6 useful tools to get more out of Steam games 6 useful tools to get more out of Steam games Steam offers a variety of useful features features you may not be familiar with, but third-party developers have created utilities and websites that add even more functionality to Steam. From moving installed games to ... Read More

Do you have any other favorite tools to get the most out of Steam? Leave a comment and share!

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