Goat is white meat

Types of meat

Meat types in refrigerated shelves

Depending on the amount of brown metmyoglobin, different color nuances arise in fresh meat. The exact determination of the color of meat and meat products is carried out using color measuring devices. With the rough division into red and white meat types, no color measurement is necessary. A general distinction is made here between:

Types of meat with
white flesh colorred flesh color
Turkey meatveal
Goose meatpork meat
Duck meatSheep and lamb
Pigeon meatGoat meat
Ostrich meatRabbit meat
Wild fowlvenison

Exotics such as horses, reindeer, alpacas, llamas, antelopes, bison, moose, camels, kangaroos and springboks also have red meat.

Animal species that do not fall under the category of "meat"
According to the Austrian Food Book, these include fish and seafood, frogs and toads, snails, crocodiles, turtles, snakes, insects and caterpillars.

Exotic meats from the rest of the world
In other countries the meat of the following animals is also consumed:

Moose / reindeer
Arctic animals (Northern Europe, Siberia, Northern Asia, Canada, Alaska)

Live wild on the prairies of North America

Antelopes (e.g. oryx, impala, kudu, springbok, gnu)
Live wild in South Africa

Live wild in Africa, south of the Sahara

Origin Australia, worldwide distribution

Camel / trample, lama (plateau of the Andes), alpaca (Peru, Northern Chile, Bolivia)

Central Asia, meat can be dried well.

Monkeys (Bushmeat)
Trade and consumption are illegal.

Guinea pig
Live in the wild and from breeding in South America and southwest China

Korea, Vietnam, parts of China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Ghana and the Congo; Trade is prohibited in Switzerland, but slaughter and consumption are permitted and are also a reality in the Rhineland and Appenzell.

Eaten as a delicacy in Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, and China.

As cats are captured in some countries (Cambodia, Vietnam), the number of rats is increasing. They are therefore also caught and legally sold to restaurants.

Europe, Asia, America

Japan, Greenland


beaver(2 species)
Europe and Russia as well as North America

Keeping in free-range enclosures in the steppe savannas of South Africa

Found in the wild all over Australia, breeding in emu farms in Australia, USA, Peru and China

Source: DFS