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Medicine salary
What one earns in the medical profession

They are the front runners when comparing the salaries of academics: The gross salary of a person with a degree in medicine or dentistry was 79,538 euros per year in 2016 - 40 percent above the average for all specialists and managers. This top position already applies to the starting salary: medical professionals earn 52,036 euros at the start of their careers - more than any other degree.

Medical salary: This is what you earn in practices and clinics

Anyone who, as a doctor, likes to be their own boss opens or takes over a practice. More and more young doctors, however, shy away from the entrepreneurial risk. In terms of salary, it is worth making the leap into self-employment. The net income of a practice in 2011 was 181,000 euros for general practitioners and even 297,000 euros for ophthalmologists.

Doctors in German clinics are for the most part employed under a collective agreement and divided into one of the salary groups assistant, specialist, senior physician or senior physician. Within these groups, an increase in the salary for physicians with growing professional experience is planned. A specialist at a municipal hospital earns EUR 5,656.92 gross per month when hired; after three years this amount increases to EUR 6,131.23.

In addition to the medical staff, administrative staff in hospitals ensure that processes run smoothly. Their income is on average well below that of the doctors - even if you compare the managing director with the chief physician: the average chief physician earns 285,000 euros gross per year, the top management of a clinic 194,000 euros. In many hospitals it has also become customary to link part of the salary to performance and success factors.