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WIRTZ (DE) - The fifth dimension

👤Thorsten Jünemann📁General, music, reviews, editor's tip🕔 November 11, 2017

Looked at very soberly, Daniel Wirtz started a picture book career solo and shows many colleagues that rocking ONLY with music, from the smallest clubs to the big halls. What is good speaks itself relatively fast around and the bill that everyone will bring a new friend / friend with them next time went well. But the last album "On your marks, get set, go" shook the steadily growing WIRTZ cosmos a little and also split the fan base a bit into old and new fans. Actually big nonsense ... because also sunshine suited the song material very well, but the fans lost too much “gloomy” in the process. But none of his followers really jumped off, as the sold out anniversary tour proved!

A lot has happened this year too, but more about that in the interview (Link see below!).

Here and now it's about "The Fifth Dimension", the latest trick from WIRTZ. Can he reconcile fans with it again? Is there still enough sun on the windshield or is it going back to the roots full of soul pain? He probably did. even discovered completely new aspects of yourself? The joy was great when the album rotated here for the first time ... and it continues! There are hours of hard work behind the 12 songs; whether it concerns the songwriting, the cross-genius lyrics and the fat production: his fifth studio album contains as much music and (modern) poetry as in all of his previous works, which is why I like to lean so far out of the window and say “Die fifth dimension “call the essence of his work so far! In terms of content, it tends more towards "11 Zeugen" & "Erdling" (which is only partially true in that sense), musically more towards "Acoustic Voodoo", without any openly celebrated party as it was celebrated on the last album, but always still with enough bite and humor! That not only sounds like reconciliation, it is also a musical declaration of love (not only) to his followers and fans (old AND new), not always in the sense of “I love you” and stuff like that! This shows where problems are not always in the details, but also have to be lived out openly (“Because I like you”) and, luckily, have been musically implemented and processed. Because I went through song for song in the interview with him, I get to mine quickly Conclusion:

I already see and hear many "bewildered" people celebrate and say that he is the "old WIRTZ" again, whoever or whatever he was! It will also be said that he is “back to the roots” again, which is not entirely wrong. The fact is: WIRTZ shows (or in) "The Fifth Dimension" that there is no place for too much good humor and instead lets it crash more brutally and emotionally. Sometimes with Metallica-like guitar walls over Alice In Chains melodies, sometimes very melodiously playful to explode again, whether musically or lyrically. Hard poetry meets passion and love, fears and abysmal honesty, mixed with sarcasm and cynicism, as we know and love from Wirtz's rhymes! And there is something new! Keyword (s): Kids On Stage (“Pictures from back then”)! In addition, in the song "Liebe" he lets you know which musicians he has been friends with recently (tip: no, nothing with hits, pop or similar fields ...)! It should also be mentioned that the songs “Seelen” & “Wer wir sein” were already represented as “Anjucker” on the best-of package “10 Years” and very well indicated the direction, like the current single “Don't give up on me “Including a video clip proves it. Does the genre “poetry rock” already exist? You will all discover slowness, get involved!

All thumbs up for guitar music fans of all kinds (unite!).

The album is also released as a limited edition with fat bonuses: The album also comes with the live DVD with the party from Bochum in the finest picture and sound (see link below) and because that's not enough, there is this show again on the go as audio CD's.


-The fifth dimension

-Who we were

-The promised luck

-Do not give up on me

-Discovery of slowness

-I stay here

-Moment for eternity

-Because I like you


Pictures from back then

-ten years

Label: Wirtzmusik

Release: 17.11.2017

Playing time: 48:21 min.

Origin: Germany

Style: Rock, German-speaking rock, poetry rock, alternative






Current clip & single:"Do not give up on me"

Bonus - DVD sample:"Ball head & one in mind"

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