Why do we need smart grids

Smart grid - intelligent power grids for the hoped-for energy transition

What is Smart Grid?

As a smart grid, a intelligent power grid designated. It is intelligent because in it not only transports energy will, but also a Exchange of information he follows. In other words, additional data is transmitted. With these the Power generation as well as the consumption and storage of energy are controlled dynamically become. For this purpose, power generators, operating resources, storage systems and consumers are networked with one another in a communicative manner.

Why do we need intelligent power grids?

An intelligent power grid is becoming more and more important because Energy today no longer flows in one direction: Where there used to be a few central power plants that supplied all consumers with electricity, things have changed now. It's not uncommon these days many small producers gives. Cogeneration units and Fuel cells from companies are just as common as private ones Photovoltaic systems.

In addition, generate renewable energythat are becoming more and more important not consistently the same amount of energy. Even if the weather conditions are not ideal, you have to ensured be that enough energy reaches the consumer. Conversely, if more is produced than consumed, the existing energy storage is filled. Intelligent networks recognize when they can tap into them. In this context, electricity can still be consumed without a current sufficient supply of energy.

Smart meter: intelligent electricity meters

This means that companies and households can generate their own electricity actively participate in electricity trading In addition to smart grids, intelligent electricity meters are also required. These transmit the respective Producer and consumption data. The network recognizes accordingly where available power is needed and delivers it to these addresses. Over- and underproduction can be balanced out in this way become.

Just like a modern electricity meter, a smart meter has a digital display. In addition, it is internet-enabled and has a communication unit: the gateway.