How do I gain weight quickly

Gain weight quickly and healthily - 14 effective tips

Slightly underweight does not always have a serious background and is sometimes only genetic. Nevertheless, it can burden those affected and endanger their health. We give you 14 tips on how you can gain weight quickly and, above all, healthily.


In a world in which everyone feels like losing weight, understanding of people who want to gain weight is limited. Comments like "I would like to have your problems" or "Eat more" are easy to say. Underweight can affect both the body and the psyche. Metabolism and the immune system can also suffer from being underweight, as can well-being itself.

When are you underweight?

According to WHO (World Health Organization) apply to people with a BMI (Body mass index) under 18.5 as underweight. The BMI is calculated as follows: Weight in kg divided by size in Meters squared. However, the BMI is only a rough way of assessing body weight, as this, for example Ratio of fat and muscles not assessed becomes. It is important for a "normal weight" that the weight that is estimated to be too low does not have a negative effect on your own wellbeing (physical or mental) affects.

What are the causes of being underweight?

The causes of underweight are wide-ranging. From metabolic diseases such as thyroid or gallbladder malfunction to stress or even depression, many things can have a negative effect on body weight. Women under 50 years of age and older people over 70 years of age are most frequently affected by underweight. The most common physical causes are metabolic or gastrointestinal disorders. In healthy people, gaining weight is usually genetically determined, because our genes help determine how we use food. In the end, being underweight is the result of an energy deficit, which means that the body uses more energy than it gets. The weight is lost to cover the deficit. Often, muscles are also reduced as the body tries to reduce its energy requirements.

Gain weight quickly and healthily - 14 effective tips

If you want to gain weight quickly and healthily, you should first rule out physical causes. Improper handling of underweight due to illness can have a negative impact on health. Therefore, you should have a doctor examine you for possible illnesses in advance. If you are "healthy" underweight, the following things are important for effective and healthy weight gain:

# 01 - Eat regularly

The most important basic rule to gain weight quickly and healthily is to maintain regular meals. You should have a meal in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. If you're not hungry or have no time, you don't need to eat a whole meal. Better to eat a high-calorie snack before you eat anything. In this way you avoid too long food breaks, which shift your metabolism from glycogen burning to fat metabolism. You should therefore also ensure that you do not eat your breakfast too late and that you have a meal every 4 to 6 hours during the day.

# 02 - Snacks in between meals

Snacks in between meals are very helpful in gaining weight. With small and healthy snacks you can distribute your calories even better throughout the day and prevent the unpleasant feeling of fullness after overeating meals.

# 03 - Don't overeat

Don't overeat. Just because you want to gain weight quickly and healthily doesn't mean you shouldn't stop listening to your satiety. Better to increase your calories gradually and be patient. So you do not overwhelm yourself and your metabolism. If you are consuming around 500 calories over your daily caloric needs, that's more than enough. A constant calorie surplus of 500 calories a day will already be visible on the scales in the first few weeks.

# 04 - Eat When You Are Hungry

Do not postpone meals until later. If you are hungry, you should also eat at least one snack in a timely manner. Feelings of hunger can be reduced by circumstances such as stress or smoking cigarettes.

# 05 - Healthy Calories - The Best Foods to Gain Weight

Above all, healthy calories are important in gaining weight. If you only start looking at the number of calories, you are doing your body no good. Fast food is high in calories, but has poor nutritional values. This quickly makes you sluggish and tired and is generally very exhausting due to strong fluctuations in blood sugar. Above all, pay attention to balance through diversity. This is the basis for a healthy diet. Healthy and high energy foods to gain weight include:

  • nuts
  • rice
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Healthy fats like vegetable oils
  • Fatty types of fish (for example salmon)
  • fruit
  • peanut butter
  • Dried fruits
  • oatmeal
  • cheese

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# 06 - Health is the basis for weight gain

Make sure that you do not spread any diseases and instead cure them well. In the event of illness, the immune system works at full speed and the feeling of hunger decreases. Stay at home when you are sick and give your body the rest it needs. Then strengthen your immune system. All the basics for a strong immune system can be found in this article: Strengthening the Immune System - The Most Important Basics

# 07 - Avoid Stress

Stress also negatively affects weight and can lead to being underweight. While some people resort to fast food and candy bars when they are stressed, other people lose their appetite. Treat yourself to rest in stressful times and relax at home more often.

# 08 - Do Exercise, Do It Right

Eating more and not moving is anything but healthy. A lack of movement makes you sluggish and lackluster over time. Regular fitness training reduces stress, promotes vitality in everyday life and also stimulates the appetite. Avoid excessive exercise. Moderate fitness training two to three times a week with a focus on strength training is sufficient. You can also treat yourself to a delicious protein shake after your workout. These are also available as weight gainers with additional carbohydrates.

# 09 - egg white

Proteins and their amino acids are important building blocks of the body and therefore essential for fast and healthy weight gain. The muscles in particular need protein in order to regenerate and build up. Foods containing protein are:

  • Eggs
  • legumes
  • nuts
  • whole grain products
  • Quark
  • flesh
  • fish
  • cheese

Proteins should be part of the diet, but not the main part, as protein-containing foods fill you up for much longer and make it difficult to gain weight.

# 10 - shakes

Shakes offer a high nutrient density in a small volume and are therefore ideal for gaining weight quickly and healthily. Homemade shakes are also ideal as a snack and are easy to prepare. Energy-rich ingredients such as oat flakes or peanut butter can be easily refined with tasty ingredients such as frozen fruits and made into delicious shakes.

Tip: Protein powder is available in many flavors and is ideal for refining homemade shakes

# 11 - Prepare the food deliciously

If you cook more and prepare your food deliciously, you will not lose your appetite for eating. When you cook something delicious, hunger often comes naturally.

# 12 - Eat a variety of foods

If you eat a varied diet, it is not only good for an optimal distribution of nutrients, it also helps against possible monotony and boredom when eating. Check out cookbooks every now and then and try out new recipes. This whets your appetite and helps you gain weight.

# 13 - Nibbles

Make sure you always have nibbles on hand. A bowl of healthy snacks such as nuts or trail mix increases the feeling of hunger and helps significantly with weight.

# 14 - Drink a lot

Drinking enough is often difficult when you eat a lot, but enough fluids are important for optimal metabolism and digestion. It should be at least 1.5 liters a day. Juices and smoothies give more calories and help you gain weight quickly. However, you should make sure that the drinks do not contain too much sugar. Juice spritzers and green smoothies are ideal for gaining weight in a healthy way.

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