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Why many of us do not know what they really want in work and life and how we clarify it for ourselves, our guest author Ellen Million tells you.

Not only before a new phase of life or the beginning of the new year, we should think about a certain question again. A question that I find very important and that, in my opinion, everyone should ask themselves regularly:

What do I really want in life?

If a big question mark appears in front of your inner eye right now, then don't be surprised - after all, it's not an ordinary small talk question whose answer we can simply shake off our sleeve. In order to be able to answer this essential question that underlies our satisfaction, we have to deal a little more with ourselves.

Why is it so difficult for us to know what we want?

Even as a child we are asked: "And what do you want to be later?". The focus here is mostly on the job and less on the lifestyle that we want to live. How much time we would like to spend with the people we love or what we would like to contribute to world events.

It is therefore not surprising when you answer the question "What do I really want in life?" are a little perplexed. It was the same with me when I was working as a manager in London and discovered that I actually had no answer to that question. For me, that was the starting signal for my professional reorientation.

In the following, I am sharing 5 questions from my coaching practice that can help you find out what you really want in life.

1. What do you not want in life?

A good starting point for finding out what you want in life is to do exactly the opposite. What do you definitely not want in your job and in your life? From dark office rooms to grumpy colleagues, write it down carefully.

This change of perspective allows you to gain some distance from the question and therefore facilitates access to more clarity.

2. What would you do if you didn't have to worry about money?

Imagine you win a million in the lottery. What would your day look like, what would you work and who would you spend your time with?

I keep seeing coaching customers who are in a certain profession because it felt right years ago, but is no longer authentic. For a moment, relieve yourself of the pressure of making a living. This often gives us new inspiration on how we would like to continue our career path.

Job research on the internet? First, ask yourself the important questions.

3. What makes you really happy?

Becoming aware of what you really enjoy is a valuable guide on the journey to what you really want professionally and privately. Be it quality time with friends or a little something like a balanced breakfast. Make a detailed list of your happy moments.

The more we are aware of the things we enjoy, the sooner we can prioritize them in our lives.

4. Who are your role models?

Role models are so helpful because they show us that what we imagine for our careers and our lives is possible. Whether you know the role models directly, or whether they are people from your social media world or from television, does not matter.

It is important that you write down exactly why you find these people inspiring - because this gives you important clues about what you secretly wish for yourself.

5. What is your ideal week like?

Write down how you would ideally like to spend your week. Both in the professional as well as in the non-professional area. What is your ideal week at work, do you have a lot of meetings or a lot of time for creativity? Also think about what your ideal week outside of work looks like - for example how much time you have for your hobbies, what kind of hobbies these are, how much time you would like to spend with your partner and friends.

Becoming aware of what you really want in your job and life may at first glance be such a big question that it almost seems daunting. However, the more we deal with this question using the five coaching questions in this article, the sooner we will find out what is really meaningful to us and can thus take the wheel and correct our current professional and private course.

Ells million. Photo by Mary Fernandez.

Our guest author Ellen Million is an Empowerment & Confidence Coach. With her individual and group coaching, she supports women in gaining clarity about their career and goals in life and in overcoming inner criticism in order to achieve them. You can find Ellen on Instagram and her website.

For more tips on how to find out what you really want in your job and life, download Ellen’s free Clarity Guide here.

Cover picture: Article picture: Pexels

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